Did Roger Waters write The Wall?

Did Roger Waters write The Wall?

Bassist Roger Waters conceived The Wall during Pink Floyd’s 1977 In The Flesh tour, modelling the character of Pink after himself and former bandmate Syd Barrett. In 1982, The Wall was adapted into a feature film for which Waters wrote the screenplay. The Wall is one of the best-known concept albums.

Who sang The Wall?

Pink Floyd
The Wall/Artists
Forty years ago, on Nov. 30, 1979, the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd released its 11th studio album, “The Wall.”

Why did Pink Floyd wrote The Wall?

There were some major arguments, but they were on artistic disagreements. The intention behind The Wall was to make the best record we could.” Released in November 1979, The Wall stands as Pink Floyd’s grandest statement, presenting them as the major prog rock players of the 80s.

What is the story behind The Wall album?

The concept album was released on November 30, 1979, and explores the loneliness of a rock singer named Pink – struggling to deal with tragedy in his life. “The Wall” would signal the beginning of the end for Pink Floyd, with Richard Wright first quitting, then Waters himself leaving the band he first formed in 1965.

What does the phrase hit the wall mean?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. to reach a point where you are physically or mentally unable to make progress or to continue doing something. Emily’s teacher says she has hit a wall with her schoolwork. Synonyms and related words.

What causes hitting the wall?

Why do some runners ‘hit the wall’? In general, hitting the wall refers to depleting your stored glycogen and the feelings of fatigue and negativity that typically accompany it. Glycogen is carbohydrate that is stored in our muscles and liver for energy.

What does it mean when a woman has hit the wall?

When a woman “hits the wall” that means that she has reached the point in her life where not only is her physical appearance beginning to deteriorate but her fertility windows have all but closed meaning that this woman is becoming an increasingly undesirable choice for a potential mate.

Who did the album art for The Wall?

Gerald Scarfe’s
Gerald Scarfe’s artwork for The Wall (1979) by Pink Floyd, Harvest Records. The artwork would have included Scarfe’s iconic hand-lettering as either a sticker or printed directly onto the cover. In 1971 the English illustrator Gerald Scarfe (b. 1936) found himself in LA creating an animated film for the BBC.

What size is an album cover?

The size of the typical cardboard LP sleeve cover is 12.375 in (31.43 cm) square.

Can I print out album covers?

To print an album cover and song listing, you must have the artwork associated with the album you wish to print. Album artwork can be added manually, or it can be automatically retrieved from the iTunes Store.

Where did Pink Floyd record their album the wall?

In the early part of 1979, when Pink Floyd convened in Miravel in the south of France to record what would become their massive The Wall, bassist Roger Waters was very much the man at the helm of the giant prog rock band.

Where was the album off the Wall recorded?

All sessions took place at Los Angeles County -based recording studios, with recording taking place between December 4, 1978 and June 3, 1979. Rhythm tracks and vocals were recorded at Allen Zentz Recording, the horn section’s contributions took place at Westlake Audio, and string instrumentation was recorded at Cherokee Studios in West Hollywood.

When did Roger Waters the wall come out?

Roger Waters: The Wall is a live album by Roger Waters, a member of Pink Floyd. It is a live recording of Pink Floyd’s 1979 rock opera The Wall .

Who was the director of the movie the wall?

It was written by Waters and directed by Alan Parker, with Bob Geldof as Pink. It used Scarfe’s animation alongside actors, with little conventional dialogue. A modified soundtrack was created for some of the film’s songs.