Did Wen Qing die in the untamed?

Did Wen Qing die in the untamed?

Burial Mounds and Death Once her family is taken captive by the Lanling Jin Clan after the end of the Sunshot Campaign, Wen Qing races to Yunmeng to plead for Wei Wuxian’s aid. Wen Qing is burned alive to prevent her body from being turned into a fierce corpse, and her ashes are scattered at Nightless City.

Did Jiang Cheng love Wen Qing?

Jiang Cheng’s feelings towards Wen Qing are strong hinted to be romantic, as he even vows to protect her if she will leave the Qishan Wen Clan. She refused, citing her extended family.

Did Wen Ning actually die?

Death and Return Wen Ning was allegedly killed when he fell from a cliff, though Wei Wuxian notes that the bruises on his body indicate he was more likely beaten to death. Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing then rescue the surviving Wen remnants and escape for the Yiling Burial Mounds, taking along Wen Ning’s Fierce Corpse.

How does Wen Zhuliu die?

In the Web Series, Wen Zhuliu is strangled to death by Zidian before Wen Chao is tortured to death, rather than held aloft as he watches Wen Chao tortured to death.

How did LAN WangJi recognize Wei Wuxian?

When Wei Wuxian, resurrected in the body of Mo Xuanyu plays “Wangxian,” Lang Wangji recognizes him and protects him from Jiang Cheng by taking him back to the Cloud Recesses.

Does Wei Wuxian and LAN WangJi kiss?

His lips were stained with Lan WangJi’s ejaculation. After the kiss, it dotted the corner of Lan WangJi’s lips as well. On top of his somewhat glazed expression, he seemed quite pitiful. Wei WuXian kissed him again, “Lan Zhan, I love you so much.”

Who does Jiang Chen marry?

Jin Zixuan is Jiang Cheng’s brother-in-law due to the marriage with Jiang Yanli.

Why is Wei Wuxian called Yiling patriarch?

Wei Wuxian is the protagonist of the series, born as the only son of Cangse Sanren (藏色散人) and Wei Changze (魏长泽). He was a former disciple of the Jiang Clan of Yunmeng (云梦江氏) and later created the Demonic Path (鬼道), thus earning him the title of Yiling Patriarch (夷陵老祖).

Who is LAN Wangji father?

Qingheng-Jun (青蘅君, Qīnghéng-jūn) is a former leader of the Gusu Lan Clan and the father of Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji.

Why did Yu Ziyuan hate Wei Wuxian?

Yu Ziyuan is frequently hostile towards Wei Wuxian, angry at her husband’s favoritism of him over their own son, Jiang Cheng. Her last words to Wei Wuxian are a request that he promise to protect Jiang Cheng with his life, a promise he keeps at great cost to himself.

Does Wei Wuxian love Lan Wangji?

Still, Wei Wuxian represses his feelings for Lan Wangji until Jiang Cheng accuses him, and even after, remains oblivious to Lan Wangji’s love for him until Lan Xichen reveals the truth.

How did Lan Wangji recognize Wei Wuxian?

The Web Series depicts Wen Qing and Jiang Cheng meeting while they studu at the Cloud Recesses. Jiang Cheng’s feelings towards Wen Qing are strong hinted to be romantic, as he even vows to protect her if she will leave the Qishan Wen Clan.

Who is older Wei Wuxian or Jiang?

Jiang Cheng: He is slightly younger than Wei Wuxian. When Wei Wuxian came to live with the Jiang clan, Jiang Cheng was 8 or 9 – the text doesn’t specify which. When they go to the Cloud Recesses, Jiang Cheng is 15. During the “Poisons” arc, Jiang Cheng is 17.

Who kills Wen Chao?

Wei WuXian
Lan WangJi leaves in anguish. Wei WuXian then kills Wen Chao. The YunmengJiang brothers then return to the Lotus Pier to pay their respects to their late parents and meet up with Jiang YanLi in the Unclean Realm of QingheNie Sect. The two YunmengJiang siblings and Nie HuaiSang share a heartfelt reunion with Wei WuXian.

What did Wei Ying do to Wen Chao?

In the novel, Wei Wuxian first subjected Wen Chao to a horrific Mind Rape until he was driven to Autocannibalism, before flaying him yet still leaving him alive for him and Jiang Cheng to keep torturing.