How do you catch fish in the Whitsundays?

How do you catch fish in the Whitsundays?

For best results, drop your line in an hour before or after high tide (neap tides are best). Fishing in the early morning or evening is ideal. Use a 25kg line to avoid snaps and snags from the coral.

Is fishing allowed in the Whitsundays?

Whitsunday fishing can be done in a variety of areas around the islands. The rocky edges of many islands are a great place for sport fishing. Around the southern end of Whitsunday Island, you can catch many Sweetlip, Cod, Spangled Emperor, and Coral Trout.

Can you catch tuna in the Whitsundays?

Game fishing In summer, the Whitsundays are a prime billfish area – black marlin, swordfish, sailfish – and tuna are caught in large numbers from October through April, although the latter may also be caught year round.

What fish can you catch in Whitsundays?

What Fish Can You Catch in the Whitsundays?

  • Coral Trout. These are one of the most popular types of fish in the Whitsundays.
  • Spanish Mackerel. Shute Jetty is a great place to look for these big fish.
  • Mackerel Tuna.
  • Giant Trevally.
  • Queenfish.
  • Spangled Emperor.
  • Grassy Sweetlip.
  • Barramundi.

Can I fish on Daydream Island?

The closest access ramp to the islands is Shute Harbour and it is just a short motor to some popular fishing spots around Daydream Island and Long Island resorts and onto Hook Passage.

What are vibe lures?

Vibe type lures come in a range of sizes from micro for trout, redfin, bream etc, right up to 20cm or even 30cm models for huge fresh or saltwater game fish. They are essentially trolling lures and can be devastating on species like tuna, wahoo and mackerel.

What is good saltwater bait?

Shrimp are definitely one of the best saltwater baits out there. Shirmp Lures not only are they a favorite meal of saltwater fish, but you can also use shrimp as saltwater bait when you’re fishing from a bridge, pier, bank or boat. Different-size fish will hit on different-size shrimp.

Can you fish off Whitehaven Beach?

Fishing. The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands do offer areas where you can fish, however they have very specific zones where you can drop a line in the water. Whitehaven Beach is a green zone, and fishing is strictly prohibited.

Can you swim off Daydream Island?

By taking some simple precautions to minimise risk you can safely and comfortably swim in all parts of the Whitsundays. When snorkelling, diving, or swimming with an accredited Whitsundays tour operator, protective ‘stinger suits’ will be available to all customers at little (or no) cost.

Can you snorkel off Daydream Island?

Daydream Island has three fabulous beaches, with Sunlovers Beach fringed by live coral outcrops containing over 40 marine fish species and 50 coral varieties, the perfect location for hours of snorkelling and underwater exploration.