How do you list a little education on a resume?

How do you list a little education on a resume?

How to Create a Resume With No EducationChoose the right resume format. Prepare a persuasive professional summary. Emphasize your strongest relevant experiences. Support your credentials. Keep your education section positive and proactive. Recommended Reading:Related Articles:

How do I write a resume at 17?

How to Create a Resume for a 17-Year-OldOrganize Your Information. To begin your resume, organize the information you need to include. Choose a Format. Tailor to the Job You Want. Be Specific and Active. A Few Important Reminders.

Do you need a resume if you’re 16?

It may not be entirely necessary to have a resume for many of the jobs you’ll be looking for, but there is still a benefit to doing it. You may not even have any work experience to speak of, but you can craft a resume that highlights what you do have to offer.

How do you make a high school resume?

It should include the following:Your basic information: name, address, phone and email.Education: high school name and address, graduation date, class rank, GPA, specific courses.Activities: extracurricular in and out of school.Community service: in and out of school. Work experience: any summer or school-year jobs.