How is Alaska Young described in the book?

How is Alaska Young described in the book?

Alaska is the wild, moody, unpredictable and enigmatic girl who captures Miles’ attention and heart from the first time he meets her. She acts as confident to her friends, frequently assisting them in personal matters, as well as dealing with cigarettes and alcohol.

Is Alaska Young based on a real person?

Author John Green’s first and most intimate novel to date, Looking For Alaska, is not technically a true story, but it does draw heavily from his own high school experiences. “Looking for Alaska is fictional, but the setting really isn’t,” Green said.

What school does Alaska Young go to?

Miles Halter is tired of his predictable and friendless life (check out the going-away party for him at the beginning of the book), so he decides to attend Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama for his junior year of high school.

What mental illness does Alaska Young have?

Borderline Personality Disorder
The study results showed that Alaska that Alaska’s personality fulfills three cores of characteristic Borderline Personality Disorder and Alaska’s personality influences on how she resolves her conflicts.

What happened to Alaska’s mom?

During the prank on the Weekday Warriors, Alaska admits to her friends in the barn that she feels responsible for her mother’s death (her mother died of an aneurysm when Alaska was eight, and Alaska, who was there, didn’t call 9-1-1). She drinks until she throws up. She crashes into the cop car and dies instantly.

Is looking for Alaska banned?

The Looking for Alaska book has been banned and challenged a lot. In fact, according to the American Library Association, Looking for Alaska was actually the No. 1 most challenged book of 2015. As for why Looking for Alaska was banned, one of the main reasons is some people consider the book to be sexually explicit.

Who called Alaska before she died?

Spoilers ahead for Looking For Alaska Season 1. Before Alaska’s car accident, she received a phone call that left her in a panic and rushing to drive away from campus. After some investigative work, Miles and Chip determine that the phone call was from Jake, Alaska’s ex-boyfriend.

Does Alaska have bipolar?

In my mind, Alaska is a “bipolar” land, with its two extreme seasons marked first by an intensity of light during the long days of summer followed by long months of darkness when that light nearly disappears in the winter.

Is Alaska depressed Looking for Alaska?

Alaska’s death is ambiguous in its conclusion – neither Pudge nor the reader knows whether her untimely death was an accident or suicide. From Alaska’s erratic behavior and Pudge’s and the Colonel’s research, it appears that Alaska was suffering from some form of depression.

What were Alaska’s last words?

Alaska’s last words to me were ‘To be continued’, and so I choose the labyrinth, even if there’s no way out, even if we’re all going, even if everything falls apart.”

Why is John Green banned?

The ban comes after a complaint from a parent that the book contains profanity and references to sex. Green responded to the ban on his Tumblr page, after a fan asked for his reaction: “I guess I am both happy and sad,” he writes.