How likely is Star Wars to be real?

How likely is Star Wars to be real?

The chances of a real Star Wars galaxy existing is likely. To be rational, there are estimated over 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe alone so the chances of a galaxy existing somewhere in the universe, possibly outside the observable universe, just like the one we see in Star Wars is very likely.

Is Star Wars real somewhere?

Star Wars is a work of fiction, all based on a universe and characters created by the imagination of George Lucas.

Is a Star Wars galaxy possible?

Scientists have spotted an active galaxy far, far away — and it looks like it could join Darth Vader’s fleet. Located 500 million light-years away in the Cassiopeia constellation, Galaxy TXS 0128+554 bears a striking resemblance to the iconic aircraft from Star Wars.

Is the force actually possible?

The force is what Darth Vader used to do pretty much whatever he wanted. But the truth is, the force is not something that only lives in the world created by George Lucas. It’s not something for us to marvel at or daydream about. It doesn’t exist exactly the way it’s portrayed in Star Wars, but the force is very real.

Is an infinite universe possible?

There are two types of possible infinities in a multiverse: Type I: A single universe may be infinite in size (e.g., in our universe, if space and galaxies would continue forever without end or closure), or Type II: All the separate universes in a multiverse can be infinite in number (irrespective of whether any or all …

Who rules the galaxy after rise of Skywalker?

With the rise of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy was once more ruled by the Sith. The fascist Galactic Empire became the dominant government of the galaxy for the next two and a half decades. The Empire assumed control over galactic society, interplanetary economies, the HoloNet, and a sprawling Imperial Military.

Is the Force alive?

In the Force, there is life. Obi-Wan Kenobi taught Luke Skywalker that the Force was an energy field created by all living things. Though only certain individuals were Force-sensitive, the Force resided within all living things and could be extracted.

Can hyperspace kill you?

Outside the bounds of a vessel’s shielding, hyperspace itself was a lethal environment to any realspace species. Being blown out of the airlock of a vessel while in hyperspace was a more effective way to kill an individual than exposing that individual to the vacuum of realspace.

Why is hyperspace scary?

In GunBuster, this trope is used as a joke to scare the younger space cadets by telling them that ghosts appear on ships during hyperspace travel. The really scary stuff comes from traveling through a subspace gate, the inside of which looks like traveling through a very rough storm.