How old is Jacqui Dean?

How old is Jacqui Dean?

64 anos (13 de maio de 1957)
Jacqui Dean/Idade

Who is Waitaki MP?

Jacqueline Isobel Dean (born 13 May 1957) is a New Zealand politician and the current Member of Parliament for the Waitaki electorate, where she represents the National Party.

Who is the MP for Waimakariri?

The MP for Waimakariri is Matthew Doocey of the National Party.

Where is the Waitaki electorate?

Waitaki is an electorate for the New Zealand House of Representatives that crosses the boundary of North Otago and South Canterbury towns on the East Coast of the South Island. The electorate was first established for the 1871 election that determined the 5th New Zealand Parliament.

Which electorate is Wanaka in?

The main towns that came from the Otago Central electorate were Queenstown, Alexandra, Cromwell, and Wanaka. In the 1983 electoral redistribution, the southern boundary moved north and some towns transferred to the Clutha electorate, including Tapanui, Lawrence, and Roxburgh.

Who is the Labour candidate for Waimakariri?

Doocey beat Cosgrove with an increased majority. In the 2017 election, Doocey beat the Labour candidate, Dan Rosewarne, with an increased majority of that over Cosgrove although the National party vote decreased.

Who is the MP for Ilam?

Ilam is a New Zealand parliamentary electorate. Formed for the 1996 election, it was held by Gerry Brownlee of the National Party until the 2020 election, when Sarah Pallett of the Labour Party unseated Brownlee in an upset victory.

Who is the current MP for New Lynn?

Deborah Russell

Deborah Russell MP
Minister David Parker
Member of the New Zealand Parliament for New Lynn
Assumed office 23 September 2017

What electorate is Rangiora in?

History. The electorate existed from 1963 when it replaced the Hurunui electorate to 1996, when with mixed-member proportional (MMP) representation it was absorbed into the new Waimakariri electorate.

Is Brownlee a list MP?

A Christchurch native, Brownlee worked as a teacher before being elected to Parliament at the 1996 election as the MP for Ilam. He held that electorate until the 2020 general election, when he was elected as a list MP.

Who is the MP for Whangarei 2020?


Election Winner
2011 election Phil Heatley
2014 election Shane Reti
2017 election
2020 election Emily Henderson

Why did New Zealand switch to MMP?

1992 electoral system referendum In 1992, a non-binding referendum was held on whether or not FPP should be replaced by a new, more proportional voting system. This led New Zealanders to vote overwhelmingly for change (84.7%) and to indicate a clear and overwhelming preference for the MMP alternative (70.5%).

What does MMP stand for Canada?

Mixed-member proportional representation (MMP or MMPR) is a mixed electoral system in which voters get two votes: one to decide the representative for their single-seat constituency, and one for a political party.

What school did Judith Collins go to?

The University of Auckland1979
University of Canterbury1977–1978The University of Auckland
Judith Collins/Formação

Who is New Zealand’s prime minister?

Jacinda ArdernSince 2017
Nova Zelândia/Primeiro-ministro

What does MMP stand for in NZ?

In 1993 New Zealanders voted in a referendum to change their voting system from the traditional first past the post (FPP) method to mixed member proportional representation (MMP). This was the most dramatic change to the country’s electoral system since the introduction of women’s suffrage exactly 100 years before.