How old is Lily Bart?

How old is Lily Bart?

Lily is twenty-nine when the novel begins and though her beauty has lasted she has also known eleven years of late nights and hard dancing.

Who is Gerty Farish House of Mirth?

Gerty Farish is an idealized depiction of American womanhood unspoiled by wealth and entitlement. A physically plain woman, she remains a steadfast supporter of Lily, despite the fact that she knows that her secret love, Lawrence, is instead in love with Lily. Gerty’s simple life would be considered “dingy” by Mrs.

Why is it called The House of Mirth?

The title comes from a line in the Hebrew Bible, Ecclesiastes 7:4 to be more specific: “The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.” In other words, wise people think about death and loss and other serious matters, while foolish people are busy thinking of only …

Who is the antagonist in the House of Mirth?

Bertha, the novel’s antagonist, spreads the rumor that Lily and George are having an affair, then uses her money and influence to keep Lily out of society forever.

Who is Mrs Judy Trenor?

Judy Trenor Judy, a close friend of Lily’s, is the social overseer of the events at the Bellomont, her out-of-town estate. She regularly hosts large bridge parties and gives Lily a place to stay for up to weeks at a time. She all but disappears in Book Two. Read an in-depth analysis of Judy Trenor.

Who does Lily Bart want to marry?

Her slide into poverty and depression continues, and eventually, Lily takes too large a dose of sleeping medication—perhaps accidentally—and dies in her sleep. Her focus on financial success never allows her to truly consider a marriage to Selden, her truest friend and most ideal match.

What is the word in the house of mirth?

If you want to wrap this up and slap a bow on it, you could read an essay by scholar James Gargano called “House of Mirth: Social Futility and Faith.” He argues that the “word” really is just one single word, and that that single word is “faith.” Lily has to learn to take a leap of faith by marrying Selden, by living …

What is the conflict in the house of mirth?

Conflict begins when Bertha and Ned are nowhere to be found and George and Lily return alone. Complications rise the next morning, when George informs Lily that Bertha didn’t come back until 7am; he suspects an affair. We get the climax when Bertha, alone with Lily, blames her for the scandal.

Why does Judy Trenor scold Lily?

However, Judy is also highly sensitive to financial matters, such as women borrowing money from her husband Gus Trenor, and later punishes Lily for doing so by rejecting her from her social circle.

What does the phrase traces of Judy Trenor refurbished Splendour?

In Book 1, Chapter 10, the given phrase appears. The phrase ‘traces of Judy Trenor’s refurbished splendour’ refers to the money Lily’s spending that she has earned from Judy Trenor’s investment. Lily enjoys her autumn with Mrs. Peniston without anyone’s knowledge that the money she have is given by Judy to her.