How tall is Lauren Lee Smith?

How tall is Lauren Lee Smith?

1.78 m
Lauren Lee Smith/Height

Has Lauren Lee Smith always played Frankie?

Lauren Lee Smith plays the lead role in Frankie Drake Mysteries. In 2009, Lauren signed on to the Terry Miles’s directed feature A Night For Dying Tigers alongside Jennifer Beals. In 2012 she teamed up with Terry Miles again, this time not only starring in but producing the feature Cinemanovels.

Why did Frankie Drake change her hair?

Frankie Drake Mysteries returns in Season 3 Episode 1, “No Friends Like Old Friends,” an installment that feels fairly different from the series’ first two seasons. Presumably, this hairdo change is because star Lauren Lee Smith got tired of dying her natural hair color every year for the show.

Why did Lauren Smith leave CSI?

Lauren Lee Smith In the role of Riley Adams, the actress was introduced in the season’s third episode and she left in the season finale, never to return to the show. Ultimately, according to a producer on the show, Smith was let go because she didn’t find a balance in the ensemble.

How Much Does Lauren Lee Smith weigh?

Lauren Lee Smith Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

Celebrated Name Lauren Lee Smith
Net Worth $8 million
Body Type Athletic
Height 5ft 10 inches(1.78m)
Weight 58kg(128 lbs)

What happened to the original Frankie Drake?

Frankie Drake Mysteries is ending its run on CBC with its current fourth season. Ovation aired the first three seasons of the Canadian series and it will likely air the fourth and final year, but a premiere date has not been set.

Does Frankie Drake wear a wig?

TTVJ: Frankie has a bit of a different look this season, as do you with your haircut. In Season 2, we decided to do a beautiful wig, but it added an hour and a half to my day everyday — which is a little insane because shooting is already between 12-15 hours.

Is Frankie Drake’s hair a wig?

What are Lauren Lee Smith measurements?

Lauren Lee Smith was born on June 19, 1980, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada….Lauren Lee Smith Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography.

Celebrated Name Lauren Lee Smith
Height 5ft 10 inches(1.78m)
Weight 58kg(128 lbs)
Body Measurement 33-24-33 inches
Bra Cup Size 34 B

Has Murdoch Mysteries been Cancelled?

On March 11, 2018 the show was renewed for a twelfth season of 18 episodes. Season 12 aired on Ovation starting April 20, 2019 for US viewers, but back under its original title of Murdoch Mysteries. On March 25, 2019, CBC renewed the show for a thirteenth season of 18 episodes.

Is Frankie Drake a copy of Miss Fisher?

Now, the comparison is made that ‘Frankie Drake is no Phryne Fisher’ which is accurate because Frankie Drake is not meant to be another Miss Fisher. The other ‘apples and oranges’ comparison to point out is that Frankie Drake is an original TV character not created by a novelist first – so “no user manual included”.

Will there be a season 5 of Frankie Drake mysteries?

Lauren Lee Smith plays the lead role in Frankie Drake Mysteries. She was first discovered in her native Vancouver when she was cast as a series regular on the hit Showtime series The L Word. From there Lauren co-starred as Casey Affleck’s partner in The Last Kiss, directed by Tony Goldwyn.

Was Frankie Drake in Murdoch Mysteries?

“Murdoch Mysteries” began its 14th season the same night as Frankie Drake with an episode directed by Bisson and called “Murdoch and the Tramp.” In this one, the detective meets Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton.

Why did Lauren leave CSI?

How old is Lauren badminton?

29 years (September 26, 1991)
Lauren Smith/Age

Does Julia die in Murdoch Mysteries?

Julia is sentence to death by hanging. At the end of the trial, James Gillies is seen clapping at the verdict. He disappears before he can be apprehended. In The Murdoch Trap (ep.