Is Anthony Cotton married?

Is Anthony Cotton married?

Antony Cotton/Has Current Partner

Who is Brocklebank partner?

Stuart Hatton (2017–)
Daniel Brocklebank/Partner
CORONATION Street’s Daniel Brocklebank has revealed he’d love to start a family with his partner Stuart Hatton.

Who plays Jasmine in Corrie?

Shelley King
Shelley King (born 25 September 1955) is a British-Indian actress, known for her roles as Jay Harper on the BBC drama series Angels and Yasmeen Nazir on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street….

Shelley King
Education La Martinere for Girls
Occupation Actress
Years active 1978–present
Television Angels Coronation Street

Who was Sean’s boyfriend in Corrie?

Sonny Dhillon
Sean Tully/Significant others

Where is Gareth Pierce?

Pwllheli, United Kingdom
Gareth Pierce/Place of birth

Why did Marcus leave Corrie?

He is by Maria Connor’s (Samia Smith) side as she gives birth to her stillborn baby in April 2008. Marcus quits his sonographer job to try to find more fulfilling employment.

Who is Antony Cotton’s mum?

Enid Dunn
Antony Cotton/Mothers
Coronation Street star Antony Cotton was caught bickering with his mum Enid as they discussed Mother’s Day gifts. The 45-year-old actor, best known for playing Corrie’s Sean Tully, shared a clip on social media as he chatted with his elderly mum.

Does Antony Cotton have a brother?

Andrew Dunn
Antony Cotton/Brothers

Is Fearne Cotton and Antony Cotton related?

Is Antony Cotton related to Fearne Cotton? No… just a coincidence guys. Antony was born as Antony Dunn but changed his name to Cotton as an actor with the same name already existed.

What was Enid cotton in?

Enid has now been acting professionally for seven years. Her roles include parts in Cutting It, Coronation Street and Mersey Beat, but she will be most recognised as Joyce behind the bar in the second series of Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights.

Who is Fearne Cotton’s brother?

Jamie Cotton
Fearne Cotton/Brothers
Early life. Cotton was born in Northwood, London Borough of Hillingdon to Mick and Lyn Cotton; she has a younger brother, Jamie Cotton.