Is Olive a real person in Justin time?

Is Olive a real person in Justin time?

Olive, however, seems like a real person who is engaged in Justin’s conflicts in each episode directly and who, unlike most of the other characters, has a direct emotional impact on Justin’s mood. Justin cares how she feels and always works to help her and she does the same – they are a team.

How old is olive in Justin time?

Olive (voiced by Jenna Warren): A 13-year-old girl that stands for friendship in Justin Time. She appears in every place that Justin and Squidgy visit and is the first friend they meet as each adventure starts.

How many seasons of Justin Time are there?

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Is Justin time in Disney?

Disney Junior Canada orders third season of Justin Time On Monday, Disney Junior ordered a third season of Justin Time to air exclusively on its Canadian English- and French-language channels in 2016. Justin Time was created and developed by Brandon James Scott, Frank Falcone and Mary Bredin at Guru Studio.

Is Squidgy imaginary?

It debuted as a streaming property on Netflix Instant early last year. The series, which features a young boy named Justin who goes on make-believe time traveling adventures with his imaginary friend Olive and a lump of clay named Squidgy, was created by illustrator/designer Brandon James Scott.

When did Justin Time End?

24 June 2016
Justin Time/Final episode date

How old is Squidgy Justin time?


Age 12
Status MIA
Physical attributes
Height 0′ 7”

Is Olive Justin’s imaginary friend?

Olive is Justin and Squidgy’s Friend and the Deuteragonist of Brandom James Scott and Guru’s 2011 Canadian tv Series Justin Time. she is Justin and Squidgy’s Imaginary Friend that Squidgy and Justin go to the places that both Imagines. she is Voiced by Jenna Warren.

Is Olive a figment of Justin’s imagination?

Anyway, Justin meets up with his mate Olive (she turns up in every adventure. She’s not a crazy psycho stalker, she’s actually a figment of Justin’s imagination who helps him solve his problems which is so deep, I can’t even), and this other guy called Tommy.

What kind of TV show is Justin Time?

Justin Time is a Canadian animated television series for pre-school aged children, created by Brandon James Scott. The show airs on Disney Junior (both English and French) in Canada, the See full summary » 3 wins & 11 nominations. See more awards » …

Who are the actors in the movie in time?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification. Justin Timberlake. Will Salas. Olivia Wilde. Rachel Salas. Shyloh Oostwald.

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