Promotional Giveaway Ideas That Work

Promotional giveaways are an excellent way to create brand awareness, grab customer attention and boost sales. American businesses spend an average of $20 billion on product giveaways annually. And that’s because it is a marketing tactic that has proved to be effective time and again. If used smartly, it can bring enormous benefits to your business. So whether you’re an internet cable company like Spectrum internet or a laptop manufacturer, here are some of the best promotional giveaway ideas that you can make use of.

#1. Coupons

Customers love discounts. It’s hard to resist coupons, especially when they’re for a product or service that’s of great value to the customer. So use your company/business’s social media page to create a customer contest to win a coupon. In this way, you will be providing them an incentive to purchase and use your products. It is also an effective way to get people to try out other items that your business is offering.

#2. Hashtag Contest

Another way to attract people to your giveaway campaign is to sponsor a hashtag contest. Come up with a creative hashtag giveaway name, one that speaks about your brand/business and would make the customers/followers use it in their posts. A hashtag contest is an entertaining way to build a community of your followers. Besides, it would help you track user engagement and improve brand awareness.

#3. Portable Power Bank or Charger

In case you don’t have any coupons or gift cards to offer, you could offer your customers brander portable chargers/power banks. These devices have useful features like fast charging, built-in cables, and AC adapters. Yes, the giveaway is on the pricey end but at least you’ll know that they would be useful to your winner. Nothing is more disappointing for a winner than finding out that the prize they have won doesn’t serve them any purpose.

#4. Photo Contest

You could also sponsor photo contests on Instagram or Facebook. Ask the participants to post their picture with your product and explain why they choose/use it. For example, you can ask them to tell what is their favourite way of using it or what they enjoy most about the product. It is a great giveaway as it lets the business see the faces that support the brand. It also allows the customers to connect with the business and its customers in a fun and creative way. You could also use these as testimonials to be placed on your website, social media pages, etc.

#5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Urgency plays a central role in all sorts of marketing campaigns. By creating a sense of urgency, the marketers urge the customers to act instantly rather than taking their sweet time to make a decision.

In promotional giveaways, you can create this urgency among customers by limiting the time duration of the promotion on offer. Run visual triggers like expiring prices or countdown timers on your page as that would persuade the people to enter into the competition sooner than later.

#6. Themed Giveaways

Themed giveaway is an idea that never goes out of fashion. When a customer wins a bundle of similar/related items as part of giveaway promotion, they feel more special and valued. It gives the impression that you’ve taken out the time to hand-pick a series of relevant items for them.

You could centre your themed giveaway around a holiday, a season or a special product and its accessories.

#7. Branded Everyday Items

Another very effective giveaway idea is to give customers branded everyday items. These could be anything ranging from bags to cups to shirts and more. Such promotional products are useful and hence stay with your customers for a longer time. So leave your name or logo on them as a reminder of your brand.