Should You Buy a Steel Weighbridge Instead of Cement Scales: Top 4 Advantages

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Are you researching online to find out which truck scale to buy? Don’t you know which one is better among steel and cement weighbridges? Then, it would help if you sift through this blog straight away to reach a decision. Just to let you know, most steel weighbridges are pit-less, unlike cemented weighing machines. It means if you buy a steel weighbridge to run your business, you will have a leg up on your rivals who are still dependent on cement scales. Steel weighing devices ensure the platforms are 14 to 18 inches high from the ground level, preventing them from water logging issues. Not just that, it is also easier to maintain considering the problems that arise due to waterlogging in specific areas. 

If that’s not all, you should also remember that RCC and concrete platforms are challenging to relocate, but steel platforms are not. Above all, the cemented weighing systems are likely to put a considerable dent in your pocket than their steel counterparts. These are some of the critical considerations that might compel you to change your decision if you had made up your mind to install concrete-based weighbridges at your facility. Hence, if you want to know more about the pros of these scales before you buy steel weighbridge, then we will help you for sure. 

Let’s see how cement weighing machines stack up against their steel rivals:

Concrete-based weighing platform 

The main advantage of installing an RCC & Concrete based weighing system is that they are outstanding in compression even if they are weak in tension properties. If you don’t know what both these terms mean, we must say that “compression” refers to a squeezing force, whereas “tension” refers to the bending power. Further, when it comes to steel platforms, they are excellent in compression and tension properties both. It means if you are looking for heavy load-bearing strength without expensive maintenance, the cement weighbridges may be an ideal choice for you. With this choice, rest assured your installation, operation, and maintenance processes will be pretty effortless. It doesn’t matter whether you put it to the test in the saline or corrosive environment. 

Pros of Concrete Weighbridges 

1. Very reliable surface design 

2. Lesser expansion in a heated environment 

3. Robust structure prevents intense deck movements

4. Sound structural integrity 

Cons of Concrete Weighbridges 

1. Relocation process is difficult 

2. Need deep pockets to buy it 

Features of Concrete Weighbridges 

1. Fast installation 

2. Exact and accurate weighing every time 

3. Highly resistant to corrosion because of shot-blasting and epoxy paint coating 

4. Thoroughly tested before delivery 

5. Adheres to the strict quality standards 

With that complete, let’s have a discussion about another truck scale and find out why you need to buy a steel weighbridge the first time itself:

Steel-based weighing platform 

Do you know what the best thing about steel weighbridges is? They ensure faster installation, offer higher strength, and excellent reliability when it comes to their decks. Apart from that, the smaller and wealthy entrepreneurs prefer it over other weighbridges because it has a simple foundation, innovative box construction, and it gets assembled using scores of bolts. Manufacturers also focus on its flawless design during production and make sure it performs to the best of its level while fulfilling the needs of potential customers faster. 

Pros of Steel Weighbridges 

1. The steel platforms are long-lasting 

2. They expand less with heat 

3. They ensure lesser deck movements due to a heavy structure 

4. Their structural integrity is highly robust

Cons of Steel Weighbridges 

1. The quality of steel may vary 

2. The steel expands more in high heat

3. Lesser heavy structure results in more violent movements on load cells

Features of Steel Weighbridges 

1. They are way easy to relocate 

2. Known for low maintenance

3. Quick and simple to install 

How to buy steel truck scales?

So far, you would have understood why putting your money on steel weighing platforms is a better idea than concrete ones. Therefore, you must look for suppliers that sell high-quality steel weighbridges with excellent pre-sales and post-sales service. It’s because the entire ownership cost of the weighing system matters in the long run, not just the upfront cost. 

With a tried and tested steel weighing machine at your disposal, you can be sure about low maintenance costs, long-lasting parts, and more profits at the end of the day. Thus, once you are happy with the claims and real-life reviews of other steel weighbridge owners on the internet, it’s more like a no-brainer to invest in the steel-based weighing platforms. 

On a closing note! 

Now you know what you should choose between steel and cement weighbridges? So, if you have made a decision and want to proceed further with the steel weighbridge buying process, give a simple ring to India’s leading manufacturers of industrial weighing systems now.