Students Are Tend to Use Writing Services for Personal Statement Writing. Is It Really So?

Everyone who once was a student knows how significant are all those writing tasks. Especially when it comes to a deadline. Exemplary tasks are usually pretty large and require lots of student’s time and energy. So it’s absolutely clear that a person is not able to finish such a responsible assignment such as personal writing just in one night. Moreover, all the people, especially students, are familiar with such strong emotions as stressfulness, sense of fear, nervousness at first hand. As a result, a student just can’t concentrate on his or her task properly. But now, as we’re living in the 21st century, there are lots of opportunities to deal with such a problem. One of the most popular ones is writing services.

Personal Statement Services

There are different reasons why people struggle with this type of task. It can not only be connected with distractive emotions or a lack of time but also it’s a common thing when a student simply doesn’t understand the task. Even though there is a possibility to search for additional information on the Internet or to ask a college representative for some tips, quite a lot of students prefer to simply use special services.

Services can be conditionally divided into two types:

  • Online services (the most common one);
  • The help of relatives (student comes to a member of the family and asks him or her to write an assignment).

But now we’re coming back to online writing services. The principle of how it happens is pretty easy: basically a student searches for common websites that provide these services, then he or she provides an executor (e.g. freelancer) with crucial data, then he or she pays fee (before or after the task is done) and later here is a finished personal statement writing.

How the Whole Process Happens

As we’re talking about the proper personal statement, there is a list of criteria according to which all the final papers are estimated. These are some autobiographical information, personal motives, reasons, extracurricular activities, etc. Students do not always provide services’ workers with all these peculiarities. As a result, it becomes easier to find out how many potential candidates used writing services for fast and easy results. It helps to compose general statistics.


Maybe for some people, it would be a surprise but actually, such services are extremely popular among students. For instance, according to the Telegraph, more than 20,000 students are using writing services annually.  Then, the BBC news portal reports that one company which provides this type of service has already served more than 25,000 students with their assignments over the past 15 years. In addition, more than 50,000 cases of faked writings in the universities were revealed over the last three years (in the UK). These numbers are enormous. Despite a high possibility to be caught on cheating, students keep on paying these services and then simply bringing the finished task as it’s on their behalf.

And this is only a statistics. We can’t know for sure how many students actually use these writing services on a common basis. Furthermore, personal statements writing are an extremely significant task, as it is a severe paper of the application process. Nevertheless, hundreds – or perhaps even thousands – of students and potential candidates pay writers instead of trying to complete this task by themselves. Even though executors assure it’s not a «copy-paste» work, still some students are caught on cheating exactly because of this reason, as writing personal statement writing services use clichés as well as common expressions.

In the upshot, it can be stated without a hesitation that students use personal statement writing services quite often. The official statistics shows that:

  • More than 20,000 students use the services every year;
  • The services render a service to about 25,000 students annually;
  • University authorities and/or admittance commissions have revealed more than 50,000 faked papers in the past three years.

This extreme tendency among the students can be explained by the open access to the websites that provide services of that kind. Anybody can simply go and search for it on the Internet, as there is a great variety of them. As we speak, the overall situation remains unchanged.