What did Huascar do?

What did Huascar do?

Huascar, in full Inti Cusi Huallpa Huáscar (“Sun of Joy”), (died 1532, Cajamarca, Peru), Inca chieftain, legitimate heir to the Inca empire, who lost his inheritance and his life in rivalry with his younger half brother Atahuallpa, who in turn was defeated and executed by the Spanish conquerors under Francisco Pizarro.

How did Inca civilization end?

The execution of Atahuallpa, the last free reigning emperor, marked the end of 300 years of Inca civilization. In 1532, Atahuallpa’s army defeated the forces of his half-brother Huascar in a battle near Cuzco. Atahuallpa was consolidating his rule when Pizarro and his 180 soldiers appeared.

How was Huascar killed?

Atahualpa was captured in the ensuing Battle of Cajamarca. While holding Atahualpa in custody, Pizarro told him he would have Huáscar brought to Cajamarca and would determine which brother was the better Sapa Inca. In response, Atahualpa ordered Huáscar killed, allegedly by drowning.

What job did most Inca peasant men have?

Most of the peasant men worked as farmers. They didn’t own their own farms, but worked land owned by the government. They also had to pay taxes to the government. The women worked hard at the home during the day.

Did the Spanish kill the Incas?

In 1528, Emperor Huayna Capac ruled the Inca Empire….Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire.

Date 1532–1572
Result Decisive Spanish victory Inca Empire destroyed Last Inca emperor Atahualpa executed Resistance broke out but ultimately destroyed
Territorial changes Former Inca lands incorporated into the Spanish Empire

Why did the Spanish kill the Incas?

This battle began in 1532, leaving thousands of native people dead and ending with the capture of Atahualpa. Even though the Inca Civil War made it easier for the Spanish armies to gain control initially, many other contributing factors brought about the demise of Inca rule and the crumbling of local populations.