What did the president of the tribunal tell Dr Manette?

What did the president of the tribunal tell Dr Manette?

The man acting as president of the tribunal then told Dr. Manette that the prisoner had to stay in custody, but for the doctor’s sake he would be kept safe. Then, on a signal, Charles was taken inside the prison again.

What two things did Darnay wish to tell Manette?

Summary and Analysis Book 2: Chapter 10 – Two Promises He has been in love with Lucie since the trial, and he finally decides to speak to Doctor Manette about his feelings. Darnay tells the Doctor that he loves Lucie and wishes to marry her.

What did the Evremonde brothers do?

One of the brothers stabbed him, mortally wounding him. As the peasant man died, he cursed the brothers and their family line, signaling the curse with a cross of blood. The peasant woman died shortly afterward, and the brothers instructed Doctor Manette to remain silent about the incident.

Why is Dr. Manette so beloved by the revolutionaries?

Because he was once a prisoner at the Bastille, Dr. Manette is sort of a folk hero. Anyone imprisoned by the old regime is automatically supported and admired.

What does Barsad tell the defarges?

She works not toward giving life but toward giving death. The Defarges’ differing focuses on life and death especially emerge when Barsad discloses the news of Lucie’s engagement and Darnay’s identity.

What story does Darnay tell that upsets Dr Manette?

As promised, Darnay reveals his true identity and real name to Dr. Manette in the morning of his wedding with his daughter Lucie Manette. He discloses that he is actually a French aristocrat, a descendent of Evrémonde. Darnay’s ancestry was known for known for their oppressive behaviour and notoriety.

Why did Mr Lorry become angry with Mr Carton?

Lorry become angry with Mr. Carton? He becomes angry because Carton indicates he had no use for businessmen.

Why does Manette denounce Mr Darnay?

Dr. Alexandre Manette was arrested on false charges after being lured from his home. The purpose of the arrest was to remove him from society in order to prevent his speaking out against the Evrémonde brothers and their heinous actions.

Why did Monsieur Defarge show dr.manette to Jacques?

Monsieur Defarge shows Dr. Manette to the “Jacques” to inspire them to revolution. As a former prisoner of the nobility, Dr. Manette is a ruined man, a pathetic figure.

Why does Charles want to see Doctor Manette?

Charles says that he’ll never approach Lucie without telling Doctor Manette first. In fact, that’s why he’s here. He wants the doctor’s permission to see how Lucie feels about him.

Why was Dr Manette arrested in the book Tale of Two?

After Charles Darnay has been arrested and denounced by Madame Defarge and others in Chapter 10 of Book the Third, Ernest Defarge produces as evidence against Charles a paper that he found in Dr. Manette’s cell in the Bastille. Dr. Manette’s letter is then read as evidence against the Evrémondes, to whose family Charles actually belongs.

How does revenge affect doctor Alexandre Manette’s life?

However, his past demand for revenge has the power to destroy his life and the lives of his family. Additionally, whereas revenge leads the Doctor to a state of dementia, forgiveness raises him to a level of intellectual vigor and emotional happiness.