What episode of 90210 is Brenda held at gunpoint?

What episode of 90210 is Brenda held at gunpoint?

Meeting Mr. Pony
Pony. Brenda is held up at gunpoint by an armed robber during an after-hours hold up at the Peach Pit.

Did Brenda sleep with Roy Randolph?

She then tells Steve about how Brenda went over to Roy’s house after her sucky audition so she could re-audition, and Steve looks appalled and comes right out and surmises that Brenda slept with Roy in exchange for the lead role in the play.

Why did they take Brenda off 90210?

After four seasons, Doherty and her character left Beverly Hills, 90210. The show wrote Brenda off by having her pursue an acting career in London. By the start of the following season, Saved by the Bell’s Tiffani Thiessen (Valerie Malone) had become the show’s new troubled teen.

What happens in Season 1 of Beverly Hills 90210?

Following their disappointing seventeenth wedding anniversary, Cindy feels like the intimacy is lost between her and Jim and engages in an emotional affair with her old college boyfriend who has moved to town, scaring Brenda into thinking her parents are headed for divorce. Meanwhile, Brenda and Brandon participate in a UCLA study on twins.

Who are Brandon and Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210?

Brandon and Brenda Walsh begin their sophomore year at West Beverly Hills High, and experience culture shock when they become exposed to the glamour, wealth, and privilege that their new classmates possess. Following a romantic date, Brandon accidentally spreads a rumor about him sleeping with a notorious party girl.

Who are the Twins in Beverly Hills 90210?

The series follows twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh during their sophomore year in high school as they deal with everyday teenage issues such as rumors, peer pressure, shoplifting, sex, affirmative action, dysfunctional families, cancer scares, learning disabilities, date rape, alcohol abuse, and AIDS .

How is Jim related to Brandon from 90210?

While Brandon is wary, Jim is definitely opposed to the growing attraction between Brenda and Dylan. Brandon’s first experience with tequila isn’t as meaningful as his second, when he and Brenda host a party while their parents are away. Brandon gets a taste of parenthood from his date – and her child.