What happened to Ian Morris?

What happened to Ian Morris?

Top Kiwi musician Ian Morris who died suddenly this week was depressed, a former girlfriend says. Morris, 53, a member of the 70s rock and pop band Th’ Dudes, was found dead in Napier on Thursday. He left behind his ex-wife, When The Cat’s Away singer Kim Willoughby, daughters Julia and Maude, and stepson James.

Who was Ian Morris married to?

singer Kim Willoughby
Personal life. Morris was married to singer Kim Willoughby of New Zealand’s most successful all-female group When the Cat’s Away, with whom he had two daughters, Julia and Maude, and a stepson, James.

When did Ian Morris die?

October 7, 2010
Ian Morris/Date of death

Who did Kim Willoughby marry?

musician Ian Morris
Ten years after the death of her husband, Kiwi musician Ian Morris, When The Cats Away’s Kim Willoughby and her daughter Julia have released an album of Ian’s final works, a and b the c of d.

Why the West rules the world for now?

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Who is the lead singer of the dudes?

Peter Urlich
Started by Ian Morris, Peter Urlich (vocals), Dave Dobbyn (guitar, vocals) and Peter Coleman (bass) at Sacred Heart College in 1975, Th’ Dudes rocketed into music stardom in the late 1970s.

Are Peter and Margaret Urlich related?

Margaret Mary Urlich (born 24 January 1965) is an ARIA Award-winning New Zealand musician based in New South Wales, Australia. Urlich moved to Sydney in 1988 to pursue her singing career. She is the cousin of fellow New Zealand singer Peter Urlich.

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Why the West Rules for Now quotes?

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Who are the members of the dudes?

Ian Morris
Peter UrlichDave DobbynPeter Ulrich
Th’ Dudes/Members

Who is the girl who sings horses with Daryl Braithwaite?

Daryl Braithwaite
The Horses/Artists

Who wrote The Horses song?

Rickie Lee Jones
Walter Becker
The Horses/Composers
“The Horses” is a song written by Rickie Lee Jones and Walter Becker. It was originally performed by Jones on her 1989 album, Flying Cowboys. While not released as a single, the original version did appear in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire and was also included on the film’s soundtrack.

What are the four traits Morris uses to measure social development?

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Why the West Rules For now Summary?

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Where are the dudes from?

Auckland, New Zealand
Th’ Dudes/Origin

Can you keep the Braithwaite horses?

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