What happened to Noble Consort Chun?

What happened to Noble Consort Chun?

In 1760, Lady Su was promoted to “Imperial Noble Consort Chun” ,a rank which made her second only to the Empress in the imperial harem. She died within that year and was posthumously honoured as “Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui” . She was interred in the Yuling Mausoleum at the Eastern Qing tombs.

Who is Qianlong successor?

After having reigned for 60 years, Qianlong, out of respect for Kangxi, whose reign had lasted 61 years, announced on October 15, 1795, that he was designating his 15th son, Yongyan, to succeed him.

What is a royal consort in China?

There exists a class of consorts called Ying (媵; yìng) during early historical times in China. These were people who came along with brides as a form of dowry. It could be the female cousin or sister of the bride, or people from other countries (not necessarily from another race).

What is an imperial concubine?

Imperial concubines, kept by emperors in the Forbidden City, had different ranks and were traditionally guarded by eunuchs to ensure that they could not be impregnated by anyone but the emperor. In Ming China (1368–1644) there was an official system to select concubines for the emperor.

What is the meaning of noble consort?

What does the term royal noble consort mean? The word “consort” is defined as a “wife or husband, especially of a ruler”. Historically a queen is the wife of a ruling monarch, typically of noble blood. Their union serves a political purpose as she would be from a different territory to that of the king.

Does Consort Chun like fuheng?

The Story of Yanxi Palace has taken a turn for the disappointing as Consort Chun’s reasons for supporting the Empress are revealed. She is in love with… Fuheng. Which makes her the fourth onscreen female to love him — Yingluo, Mingyu, and Erqing are the others — and officially elevates Fuheng to female lead status.

Is a consort a wife?

The spouse of a ruling king or queen is called a consort. In British royalty, the wife of a king is called a queen consort, but the husband of a queen is called a prince consort, not a king consort.

What is the male version of a concubine?

An adulterous man; a man who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a woman is called a Concubinator or Male concubine.

Who killed Wei Ying Luo’s sister?

Wei Yingluo’s (Wu Jinyan) older sister was killed and she entered the court of the Qianlong Emperor (Nie Yuan) to find the killer. Believing that Fucha Fuheng (Xu Kai), an imperial guard, to be the killer, she got close to him and his sister, Empress Fucha (Qin Lan).