What happens to Jo Davidson in line of duty?

What happens to Jo Davidson in line of duty?

And in the final few moments of the show, we saw what had happened to Jo after Buckells had been put away. The once stressed senior police officer now lived in a pretty little cottage with a pet dog and a girlfriend. The caption below reads that Jo now has a new identity and her whereabouts are classified.

Who is Jo Davidsons dad?

Tommy Hunter
Davidson later learned that her biological father was Tommy Hunter.

What happens to Jo Davidson?

After being imprisoned for her own corrupt behaviour, Davidson is taken away in a police van under the ruse she’s being interviewed at Hillside Lane, but in reality it’s the same criminal who strangled Lakewell several weeks earlier.

Why did Jo take the blame for Kate?

Jo takes the fall for Kate’s killing of Ryan Pilkington In perhaps the most important moment of the interview, Jo took the fall for Kate’s killing of Ryan Pilkington. Jo concocts the story that Kate was forced by Ryan to hand over her firearm to Jo, who then turned it on Ryan.

Is Jo a bent copper?

Formerly “bent copper” Jo Davidson, who informed on the OCG in exchange for immunity, was seen emerging from an idyllic cottage somewhere rural, along with her dog and a new – presumably romantic – partner as part of her new life under Witness Protection.

How was Tommy Hunter killed in Line of Duty?

He was then injured during an ambush as he was being escorted from his safehouse after a supposed threat on his life, and left with severe injuries. While Hunter was recovering in hospital, DC Jeremy Cole disguised himself as a nurse to get past security and killed him.

Is Kate Fleming bent?

Some believe Kate is H, although most Line of Duty fans don’t think she’s bent. According to a YouGov poll, just three per cent of viewers believe the inspector is guilty. But she became a candidate after shooting PC Ryan Pilkington – a bent copper himself – dead in the most recent episode.