What is a first album called?

What is a first album called?

Debut album: the first album from a musician or musical group. Solo album – A solo album is an album by a single musician.

When was the word album first used?

Early 17th century from Latin, neuter of albus ‘white’ used as a noun meaning ‘a blank tablet’. Taken into English from the German use of the Latin phrase album amicorum ‘album of friends’ (a blank book in which autographs, drawings, poems, etc. were collected), it was originally used consciously as a Latin word.

What is an EP vs an album?

An extended play record, usually referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single but fewer than an album or LP record. Contemporary EPs generally contain four or five tracks, and are considered “less expensive and time-consuming” for an artist to produce than an album.

What was the Beatles first LP?

Please Please Me
Please Please Me is the debut studio album by the English rock band the Beatles….

Please Please Me
Released 22 March 1963
Recorded 11 September 1962; 26 November 1962; 11 February 1963; 20 February 1963
Studio EMI, London

Does album mean white?

Album, you see, traces all the way back to the Proto-Indo-European root helbos, meaning “white”. This became the Latin word album, or “white writing tablet”, which, when paper was brought to Europe, transitioned into album, “list of paper”, since paper was white and you wrote on it, I suppose.

Why is it called an album?

Historically, the term “album” was applied to a collection of various items housed in a book format. In musical usage the word was used for collections of short pieces of printed music from the early nineteenth century.

What is another word for album?

Synonyms of album

  • anthology,
  • collectanea,
  • compendium,
  • compilation,
  • florilegium,
  • miscellany,
  • reader.