What is the film Little Nikita about?

What is the film Little Nikita about?

Roy Parmenter (Sidney Poitier) is an FBI agent with a long-standing vendetta against a Russian spy named Scuba (Richard Lynch). Now, Scuba is blackmailing the Soviet government by tracking down and assassinating their sleeper agents in the United States. Parmenter discovers that high-school student Jeff Grant (River Phoenix) is the son of two such agents (Caroline Kava, Richard Jenkins), which is a total shock to Jeff. Parmenter must try to track Scuba while also protecting the Grants.
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Where was Little Nikita filmed?

San Diego
Filming took place while thousands of visitors streamed across both sides of the international line. The theatre box scene was filmed in a San Diego local legitimate theatre while the “Nikita” company was in San Diego.

What year was Little Nikita made?

March 18, 1988
Little Nikita/Initial release

When was Little Nikita filmed?

Little Nikita
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date March 18, 1988
Running time 98 minutes

Where was running on empty filmed?

Running on Empty (released in America as Fast Lane Fever) is a 1982 Australian action film. Shot in cambilligo petrol station near Cobar and Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

Is Running on Empty a true story?

RUNNING on Empty puports to be about politics. In fact, the movie treats its political issues in only the most cursory and simplistic way. The film is loosely based on the true story of a couple who were involved in the bombing of a napalm factory in which someone was killed.

What happens in Running on Empty?

Plot. Parents Annie and Arthur Pope are on the run as they were responsible for the anti-war protest bombing of a napalm laboratory in the 1970s. The incident accidentally blinded and paralyzed a janitor who was not supposed to be there.

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Scientists have found that body temperature is at its lowest in the early hours of the morning and peaks in mid- to late-afternoon. It has also been shown that athletes perform better when body temperature is higher, which is perhaps why Grace found it so much easier to run in the evening.

Is running on empty a true story?