What is the meaning of well respected man?

What is the meaning of well respected man?

Pop Rock. In general, the phrase “well respected man” is a positive compliment. However, in Kinks’ lead singer Ray Davies added zing to the meaning of that designation with his satirical vignette of upper class hypocrisy in the song “A Well Respected Man.”

What is the most respected word?

What is another word for most respected?

augustest grandest
most majestic most distinguished
most impressive most regal
most eminent most dignified
most illustrious most celebrated

What is another word for well respected?

What is another word for well-respected?

reputed respected
renowned distinguished
celebrated estimable
prominent illustrious
acclaimed eminent

What is C B chord on guitar?

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What do you call a respected man?

doyen. noun. formal the most respected and famous man in a group or profession.

What can we use instead of respected?


  • esteemed,
  • estimable,
  • name,
  • prestigious,
  • recognized,
  • reputable,
  • reputed,
  • respectable.

    What does mean well respected?

    adjective (well respected when postpositive) held in high respect; esteemed.

    What do you write in place of respected sir?

    In US “dear sir “ is used in place of respected sir but in English grammar formate for letter to sir or mam is -respected sir/mam.so u have to use “respected”.

    What can we write instead of respected?

    In informal letters, the term ‘dear’ is used (like for friends, family). So, you should uphold formality and use the word ‘respected’ when writing a letter to someone respectable, such as sir, madam, principal, or even family elders.