What is the purpose of choir robes?

What is the purpose of choir robes?

Robes Give Identity To The Group Most of the time, the choir is the most visible element of any church service, and any believer, if they truly wish to do so, can be part of this group to serve God. The robe allows any member to strip away from their differences and achieve full synchronization with one another.

What is the difference between an alb and a cassock?

As nouns the difference between alb and cassock is that alb is a long white robe worn by priests and other ministers at religious ceremonies, underneath most of the other vestments while cassock is (obsolete) a military cloak or long coat worn by soldiers or horsemen in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Can anyone wear a cassock?

As is the practice in the Anglican churches, cassocks may be worn by others who are not ministers. Ordained elders and deacons, as they serve as worship leaders, readers, and administer communion may also wear cassocks which tend to be black.

Do church choirs still wear robes?

The modern religious and choral robe currently employs different robes, gowns, and vestments for different individuals and groups within the school, church, temple, or other religious or secular institution. Churches with multiple choirs will often have different choral vestments or choral uniforms for each choir.

Why do choirs wear stoles?

The choir dressed in traditional choir robes would be looked upon as professionals regardless of whether the other group could sing better or not. This is why it is so important for a choir to dress the part. They will not only look more professional, but they will seem like an authority in the world of music.

What do you wear under alb?

Nowadays, the alb is the common vestment for all ministers at Mass, both clerics and laypersons, and is worn over the cassock, but underneath any other special vestments, such as the stole, dalmatic or chasuble. If the alb does not completely cover the collar, an amice is often worn underneath the alb.

Are there adjustable cuffs on a choir robe?

Adjustable cuffs. Add for embroidery on this choir robe. 6505T Two rows of trim down the sleeves and arounf the yoke add just a touch of color to this choir robe to keep a simplistic appearance. Add for embroidery for this choir robe.

Which is the back opening choir robe 7509?

7509 Resembles back opening choir robe style 6508T, however, with all the ease and comfort of front opening choir robe. Lap over yoke and front closure shown with royal serpentine metallic braid trim. Other braid trims available. Add for embroidery.

What kind of trim goes on gospel choir robes?

4434T Colorful metallic braid trim is used to coordinate the Pastor to the choir. A variety of options are available. 6508T A splash of contrasting color with metallic braid trim sets this back opening choir robe apart from other Gospel choir robes.

Can you make a cross for a choir?

Cross on front can be made from a variety of braid trims. This is a custom order product which cannot be ordered online and should be ordered using our choir order form. If you have any questions please call, 800-537-2575.