What major movies came out in 2007?

What major movies came out in 2007?

Highest-grossing films

Rank Title Distributor
1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Disney
2 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Warner Bros.
3 Spider-Man 3 Sony Pictures / Columbia
4 Shrek the Third Paramount / DreamWorks

What was the first Christmas movie to come out?

Santa Claus (1898)
1. Santa Claus (1898) The first time Santa Claus appeared in film, it was in a silent British short directed by George Albert Smith, who pioneered the practice of film editing and the usage of close-ups.

Is Harry Potter a Christmas film?

Harry Potter may not be a Christmas movie, but it has the heart and soul of a Christmas movie, and maybe that’s all that really matters when we talk about our fave Christmas films.

What was the #1 movie in May 2007?

Domestic Box Office For May 2007

Rank Release Release Date
1 Spider-Man 3 May 4
2 Shrek the Third May 18
3 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End May 25
4 28 Weeks Later May 11

What family movies came out 2007?

Top 10 Kids’ Movies Released in 2007

Rank Movie (Distributor) Domestic gross
1. Shrek the Third (Paramount/Dreamworks) $322,719,944
2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Warner Bros.) 292,004,738
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks (Fox) 217,292,442
4. Ratatouille (Walt Disney) 206,445,654

Who are the actors that have died in a fire?

Many know the names of actors who died in airplane crashes (Audie Murphy, Vic Morrow), or in automobile accidents (James Dean), but which actors have died in fires? Here is a list of the Top 10 Actors Who Died in Fires. Many died at home, others on the stage.

Who was the black actress that died in a fire?

Fire officials suspected a faulty heater started the fire. She was 53 years old. Graves was best known for her title role as a police detective in the ABC series “Get Christie Love”. Graves was one of the first African American actresses to play a lead in a prime time TV show.

Who was the actress that died in a fire in Gone with the Wind?

On December 22, 1995, actress Butterfly (Thelma) McQueen, famous for many film roles, but especially for her portrayal of Prissy in Gone with the Wind, died from burns received in a fire in her Augusta, Georgia, apartment.

What was the first movie Ryan Reynolds starred in?

For his first role, Reynolds starred in this Canadian film about a boy trying to save his family’s home from being destroyed. The Oscar- and Grammy-winning star made her movie debut in this iconic musical, which earned her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.