What movie was the song Harvest Moon in?

What movie was the song Harvest Moon in?

Eat Pray Love
Harvest Moon/Movie

Where was the harvest moon filmed?

In Harvest Moon, the Smith’s farm plays the Jarrett Farm and most of the movie was shot at this location. Crew’s spent about a week filming at the farm and Marianne would welcome a production back anytime. Exteriors of the farmhouse were shown throughout the movie.

Where was Hallmark’s Harvest Moon filmed?

Under the Autumn Moon was filmed just outside of beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in August. Some of the adorable animals you see in the movie are from Six Pines Petting Farm.

What is the song in Eat Pray Love when driving?

From the movie Eat, Pray and Love – Samba da Bencao – YouTube.

Is Harvest Moon a good wedding song?

“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young This tune is easy to dance to—not too fast, not too slow—and the lyrics are sweet and wedding-appropriate.

Who are the actors in the movie Harvest Moon?

As a film actress, Schram is continually drawn to the world of independent film. She recently appeared opposite Lake Bell and Jon Bernthal in Shot Caller.

Who are the backing singers on Harvest Moon by Neil Young?

The song uses a moon motif, which Young has mentioned is very important to him and has quasi-religious undertones. It is a tribute to his wife Pegi Young, and the two are dancing in a bar in the music video. Linda Ronstadt provides the backing vocals.

When did the song Harvest Moon come out?

“Harvest Moon” is a song written by Neil Young and was the first single released on his 1992 album, Harvest Moon. It reached 36 on the UK singles chart. The song uses a moon motif, which Young has mentioned as being very important to him and having quasi-religious undertones.

Who is the actress in the Harvest Moon commercial?

Jen Stone American film and television actress Jessy Schram was born and raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. She appeared in numerous commercials and stage productions before taking the bold step of moving from Chicago to Los Angeles at the age of 18.