What shoes does Ewan McGregor wear in Trainspotting?

What shoes does Ewan McGregor wear in Trainspotting?

Ewan McGregor wears a pair of burgundy adidas Samba Super Suede in Trainspotting in the role of Mark Renton, 1996.

Where was the club scene in Trainspotting filmed?

The down-at-heel pub where the American tourist gets done over, and everyone gathers after the trial, was the old Social Club of the factory. The football match filmed at the Firrhill Health Complex, Hopehill Road, north from Maryhill Road, North Kelvin (underground: St Georges Cross).

How old was Ewan in Trainspotting?

IMDb Rating: 0

Actor Age then Age now
Ewan McGregor 25 50
Ewen Bremner 24 49
Jonny Lee Miller 24 48
Kevin McKidd 23 47

What Hill do they walk up in Trainspotting?

Leum Uilleim
Leum Uilleim is a mountain in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland which appeared in the film Trainspotting.

What is the pub in Trainspotting?

The Central Bar in Leith, a pub near HMP Edinburgh and one in Glasgow (which we’ll get to later) were all utilised to create Sick Boy’s Port Sunshine pub. Only the cellar in this pub was used as a filming location, but this exact pub is mentioned in the book version of Trainspotting.

Does Ewan McGregor age?

50 years (March 31, 1971)
Ewan McGregor/Age

Where are the flats in Trainspotting?

Viewing Edinburgh’s post-war redevelopment area of Leith from the air, one block stands out for its striking shape: Cables Wynd House. Nicknamed the ‘Banana Flats’, the distinctive curved block of social housing was completed in 1965.

Where are the banana flats in Edinburgh?

Cables Wynd House, better known as the Leith Banana Flats or the Banana Block because of its curved shape, is a nine-storey local authority housing block in Leith, Edinburgh.