When did After School disband?

When did After School disband?

In 2019, Lizzy revealed that all members had gradually gone their separate ways, however, the group has not officially disbanded….After School (group)

After School
Years active 2009–2015
Labels Pledis Avex Trax Avex Taiwan
Associated acts Orange Caramel Son Dam-bi
Website Korean website

When did Kaeun join After School?

Lee Ga Eun joined After School in 2012, first promoting the song “Flashback” with them that year. She is now a contestant on “Produce 48,” and she talked about her hiatus in a personal interview. “My last album promotions were in 2013,” she said.

Who is the most popular member of After School?

Two of the most well-known members from After School are Nana and Uee, both of whom have successfully established their careers outside the group while still promoting as part of it. Whether they’re acting, modeling or making variety show appearances, the two seem to always be around and about.

Why Nana didnt join After School reunion?

In the history of After School, 11 members joined in total, but after years, only Nana was left after they decided to pursue their own careers. Kahi, Jooyeon, UEE, Kaeun, along with Lizzy and Nana, became actresses while Jungah and Raina pursued their solo singer careers.

Who is the visual in After School?


Name Position(s) Years active
Nana Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Center, Visual 2009–2020
Lizzy Lead Vocalist, Rapper 2010–2018
E-Young Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer 2011–2019
Kaeun Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Maknae 2012–2019

Who in After School is married?

Jung Ah got married to the love of her life on April 28, and her fellow After School members were there to celebrate this special day with her! After the wedding ceremony, E-Young, Nana, Lizzy, Raina, Lee Joo Yeon, and Yoo So Young all took to their personal Instagram to share photos and videos of the bride.

How old is Kaeun?

26 years (August 20, 1994)
Lee Ga-eun/Age

Did After School come back?

Members of After School finally reunite as Kahi sheds tears being filled with emotion. Finally, the five members of the girl group After School have reunited for a special union on an episode of MMTG.

Is Nana still with Pledis?

As an actress, Nana starred in various television dramas such as Love Weaves Through a Millennium (2015), The Good Wife (2016), Kill It (2019) and Justice (2019)….Nana (entertainer)

Years active 2009–present
Labels Pledis
Associated acts After School After School Red Orange Caramel Dazzling Red
Korean name

Is After School Nana pretty?

After School’s Nana has topped The Independent Critics’ list of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces for the second year in a row! Nana placed first on the 2014 list, and prior to that Nana drew much attention by debuting on the list at the No. 2 spot. Along with Nana, 11 other gorgeous ladies made the list, as well.

Is 22 too old to audition for Kpop?

You can debut at older age if you are youthful enough. That’s what kpop scene wants: Youthful idols that attract teenagers attention. Normal age range to debut is between 15 to 22 years old. All of this depends of your experince, talent, what kind of concept the group will have etc.

Who is pregnant in After School kpop?

Former After School member Jung Ah nicknames her baby fetus after BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Last month, former After School member Jung Ah announced that she was pregnant with her second child.

Why did Rebekah leave After School?

She was a member of the girl group After School. She graduated from the group in June 2011 to pursue her original dream of becoming a designer in Hawaii.

Where is Lee Gaeun now?

Lee Gaeun (이가은) is currently an idol/trainee under High Entertainment. She was a competitor on Produce 48.

Where is Han Chowon now?

In late 2019 she signed an exlusive contract with CUBE Entertainment and is now in a artist contract.

How old is Kahi?

40 years (December 25, 1980)

Is UEE friends with After School?

2017. Uee’s contract with Pledis Entertainment ended on 31 May 2017, therefore she graduated from After School. In June 2017, Uee signed with new management agency Yuleum Entertainment. On July 14, 2017 Uee’s agency confirmed that she and Korean-Japanese singer and TV personality Kangnam are in a relationship.

Who left After School?

As After School celebrates their 11th year in the industry, news was released that member E-Young officially left the company to begin her own. This makes Nana, the sole artist of the group still in Pledis Entertainment, the last remaining member.

Who is the oldest KPOP Idol to debut?

The oldest male to debut is Jae Woong of Troy. He was 33. Runner up is Park Joon of g.o.d. He was 30. The oldest female to debut is Girl’s Day Sojin.

Lee Kaeun/Age

Is Nana still with pledis?

Who are the band members of after school?

After School is a South Korean girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2009. They are the first group to debut with a unique admissions and graduation concept in Korea, where members are added or withdrawn in a “natural” manner. The band currently consists of three members: Raina, Nana and E-Young.

When did after school debut on Music Core?

On January 17, After School made their debut stage on television music program Music Core. Following promotional activities for “AH!”, After School planned to continue to promote “Bad Guy” from their debut single New Schoolgirl.

When did after school by after school come out?

The title track entered the Gaon Weekly Chart at number 2 and reached number 29 on the 2010 Gaon year-end digital chart with 2,374,731 digital downloads sold. In June 2010, Raina, Nana, and Lizzy formed a sub-unit, revealed to be named Orange Caramel, and released their first mini-album.

Who are the members of after school hometown?

The band currently consists of three members: Raina, Nana and E-Young. Former member Soyoung withdrew from the group in fall 2009, Bekah officially graduated from the group in July 2011, former leader Kahi graduated in September 2012, Jooyeon graduated in January 2015 and Jungah graduated in January 2016.