When did Daddy Lumba start?

When did Daddy Lumba start?

Daddy Lumba’s music career started at the age of 16. He was the leader of Juaben Senior High School choir from 1983 to 1984 academic year where Christabel was the music teacher and he completed in 1985.

What is the age of Daddy Lumba?

56 років (29 вересня 1964 р.)
Daddy Lumba/Вік

Where does Daddy Lumba come from?

Nsuta, Гана
Daddy Lumba/Місце народження

How many wives does Daddy Lumba have?

Daddy Lumba is committed to his family! The 52-year-old Nsuta Mampong native is the father of seven children. Four with Maame Akosua Serwaa, his ex-wife, and three with Maame Broni, his new wife.

How old is Akosua?

61 years (November 17, 1959)
Акосуа Аг’японг/Вік

What is Daddy Lumba’s real name?

Charles Kwadwo Fosu
Daddy Lumba/Повне ім’я

How old is Sarkodie?

36 years (July 10, 1985)

Who is Akosua Agyapong’s sister?

Stephanie Benson
Акосуа Аг’японг/Сестри
Rare photos of Ghanaian highlife musician, Akosua Agyapong and her sisters, Stephanie Benson and Belinda have popped up online. The photos were to mark the birthday of their sister Belinda, the first born of their mother and 13th of their father.

Is Stephanie Benson older than Akosua Agyapong?

Benson is an older sister of Ghanaian highlife singer, Akosua Agyapong. She is married to John, and together they have five children.

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