When did Dark Cloud 2 release?

When did Dark Cloud 2 release?

November 28, 2002
Dark Cloud 2/Initial release dates

Is Dark Cloud 2 a sequel?

In Dark Cloud 2, the sequel to Dark Cloud, you must fight your way through an array of unexplored lands, rebuild worlds with the enhanced Georama and tinker with the new Invention system to completely customize your adventure.

Is dark cloud a copy of Zelda?

Developed by Level-5, Dark Cloud drew comparisons to games in the Zelda series, particularly Ocarina of Time. The title — and its sequel — were frequently called out as “Sony’s answer to Zelda,” a fantasy adventure game that could rival Nintendo’s premiere franchise.

Does PSN have Dark Cloud 2?

Dark Cloud is an action role-playing video game developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.

How long does it take to finish Dark Cloud 2?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 53 52h 34m
Main + Extras 43 75h 44m
Completionists 18 153h 41m
All PlayStyles 114 77h 16m

Is dark cloud a JRPG?

Dark Cloud is an action role-playing video game developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. A spiritual sequel, Dark Chronicle (called Dark Cloud 2 in North America), was released in Japan in 2002 and worldwide the following year.

Are dark cloud 1 and 2 connected?

No. The games are obviously related–a lot of the items and monsters are retained, as well as the basic gameplay, but there are no reappearing characters or references to the first game. In fact, “Dark Cloud 2” was originally called “Dark Chronicle”.

Will Level-5 ever make Dark Cloud 3?

Level-5 isn’t deaf to the cries of Dark Cloud 3. In an interview with Polygon back in 2017, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino mentioned that there has been interest within the company in reviving the series over the years, but Level-5 cannot go at it alone.

Who owns dark cloud?

Sony Computer Entertainment

Dark Cloud
Developer(s) Level-5
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Producer(s) Akihiro Hino
Designer(s) Akihiro Hino

Can you play dark cloud on ps4?

This PlayStation®2 classic looks stunning in HD on PlayStation®4 and features full trophy support – including an all-important platinum – plus Share Play, Remote Play, activity feeds and second screen support for game manuals with PlayStation®Vita or the PlayStation®App.

How old is Toan Dark Cloud?

Seda explains that he is actually over 400 years old and that he created the Dark Genie from his blood mixed with a witch’s blood.

What is the best sword in dark cloud?

Top 10 Best Weapons in Dark Cloud & Dark Chronicle

  1. Chronicle 2. This is Toan’s strongest weapon in the original(and later becomes a high-tier sword of Monica in the 2nd installment).
  2. Island King. The Island King is one of Monica’s ultimate swords.
  3. Athena’s Armlet.
  4. Inferno.
  5. Star Breaker.
  6. Dark Cloud.
  7. Evilcise.
  8. Stinger Wrench.

Who owns Dark Cloud?

Did Level-5 make Dark Cloud?

Level-5’s first full-scale production was the action role-playing game Dark Cloud, developed under contract by Sony Computer Entertainment.

How old is Toan in dark cloud?

What is the best weapon in dark cloud?

Dark Cloud: The 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

  1. 1 Chronicle 2.
  2. 2 Chronicle.
  3. 3 7th Heaven.
  4. 4 Secret Armlet.
  5. 5 Mobius Ring.
  6. 6 Supernova.
  7. 7 Starbreaker.
  8. 8 Babel Spear.