When did Ram Jam make Black Betty?

When did Ram Jam make Black Betty?

Ram Jam is the debut studio album by American rock band Ram Jam in 1977. The first track on the album, the single “Black Betty”, is Ram Jam’s best known song. It went to #7 on the UK singles chart in September 1977….Track listing.

No. 2.
Title “Let It All Out”
Writer(s) Bartlett
Length 3:59

Is Black Betty by Ram Jam a one hit wonder?

Still, the single has become a classic rock one-hit wonder. Ram Jam’s only single that made it to the charts. In 1977, “Black Betty” reached No. 18 on the Billboard singles charts.

Who sang Black Betty first?

Ram Jam
Black Betty/Artists

Is Black Betty by Ram Jam about drugs?

Louis Park, MnRam Jam was a one hit wonder who hit it big with the Leadbelly song Black Betty. Leo from Detroit, MiActually, I don’t think the song is about drugs in any way. From reading the lyrics and discussion with others, I believe the song is about a party woman who had syphilis (child goes blind & wild).

What drug is referred to as Black Betty?

A bottle of whiskey, as recorded by Ben Franklin in 1827 (he’s kiss’d black Betty). A prison guard’s bullwhip. The prison transfer wagon, or possibly a combination of this and the whip. A an actual person, i.e. a sex worker, slave, troublesome significant other, etc. Heroin, speed, or some other type of drug.

What is a Betty?

Noun. betty (plural betties) (slang, slightly pejorative) An attractive woman; a babe. A short bar used by thieves to wrench doors open; a jemmy.

What does the term Black Betty mean?

Historically, the “Black Betty” of the title may refer to the nickname given to a number of objects: a bottle of whiskey, a whip, or a penitentiary transfer wagon. Other sources give the meaning of “Black Betty” in the United States (from at least 1827) as a liquor bottle.

What hits did Ram Jam have?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Black Betty” Ledbetter (arr. Bartlett)
2. “Let It All Out” Barlett
3. “Keep Your Hands on the Wheel” Millius Graves
4. “Right on the Money” Barlett

June 1977
Ram Jam version

“Black Betty”
Released June 1977
Genre Hard rock blues rock
Length 2:32 (single version) 3:57 (album version)
Label Epic

What year did Black Betty Ram Jam come out?

Ram Jam was an American rock band formed in New York City in 1977, predominantly known for their hit single “Black Betty” in 1977.

What was the only hit song by Ram Jam?

Ram Jam ‘s only hit, “Black Betty,” created quite a stir when Epic Records released it. The recording session was the brainstorm of Barlett and bubblegum producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz. Two civil rights groups, the N.A.A.C.P. and C.O.R.E., called for a boycott of the song, claiming it insulted black women.

Who was the original singer of Black Betty?

Howard from St. Louis Park, Mn Ram Jam was a one hit wonder who hit it big with the Leadbelly song Black Betty. This was one of the few 70s hits that was a remake of an old folk song. I have never heard Leadbelly’s version so I cannot make a comparison of both versions.

How old was iron head when he recorded Black Betty?

Early recordings (1933–1939) The song was first recorded in the field by US musicologists John and Alan Lomax in December 1933, performed a cappella by the convict James “Iron Head” Baker and a group at Central State Farm, Sugar Land, Texas (a State prison farm). Baker was 63 years old at the time of the recording.