When did Wangan Midnight come out?

When did Wangan Midnight come out?

February 2, 2001
Wangan Midnight – Developed by Genki and released on February 2, 2001 for arcade. Wangan Midnight R – Released for arcade on December 20, 2001 and for the PlayStation 2 on March 21, 2002. Wangan Midnight – Released in 2007 for the PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable (as Wangan Midnight Portable) platforms.

Is Wangan Midnight anime based on a true story?

The Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune and Tokyo Xtreme Racer video game series are inspired depictions of the street racing conducted by the team. Although members were sworn to secrecy, some people speculate that many of the members were famous tuners.

When was the last Castlevania game release?

September 20, 2019
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Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) show List
First release Castlevania September 26, 1986
Latest release Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls September 20, 2019

Does Akio die in Wangan Midnight?

It was once owned by a young man named Akio Asakura, who died two years before the story began (with Tatsuya Shima witnessing the crash).

Is Takumi in Wangan Midnight?

Wangan Midnight focuses on straight line speed, Initial D features Touge Battles; Wangan Midnight has European cars but not Initial D. In fact, the voice actors of the two main characters are the exact same guys from Initial D. Instead, Takumi this time drives a Porsche and Keisuke drives a S30Z but not an RX-7.

What color was the devil Z?

On the body are a blue paint job and an S30 race aero kit. This car is not only extremely fast, but it’s also incredibly unstable. It’s unstable to the point of “having a mind of its own.” This is what the first driver of the Devil Z learned, when he died in a car crash while racing in it.

What is Devil Z?

The Devil Z (Japanese: 悪魔のZ Romaji: Akuma no Zetto) is known as the S30Z with supernatural speed and Akio’s car all through out the series. The previous owners of this car died in car accidents, hence the name. One of the mentioned owners is not only Akio Asakura, but also Eriko’s late brother.

Did Akio die in Wangan Midnight?

Is Wangan Midnight better than initial D?

#2: The cars Wangan midnight just flat out has more variety of its cars than Initial D. Initial D seems to follow a straightforward formula when it comes to the cars, 80s and 90s Japanese cars. Wangan on the other hand has a WAAAAAY more diverse car roster.

What wheels does the Devil Z have?


  • This is the wheel used by Devil Z in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5.
  • This is a magnesium-forged wheel created through RS Watanabe’s determination.
  • This specialty wheel has a distinctive star-shaped design with prominent edges, and its coating differs depending on the color used.

    Who tuned the Devil Z?

    Jun Kitami
    Jun Kitami also known as the “Tuner from Hell” (Japanese: 地獄のチューナー Romaji: Jigoku no Chūnā), is a tuner in Wangan Midnight. Jun Kitami, is the one that originally tuned the Devil Z and later Black Bird as well.