When was Guadalcanal Diary made?

When was Guadalcanal Diary made?

November 5, 1943
Guadalcanal Diary/Initial release

Why did the Japanese abandon Guadalcanal?

After the third failure, an attempt by the IJN to deliver the rest of the IJA 38th Infantry Division and its heavy equipment failed during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal from 12 to 15 November. Because of this failure, the Japanese cancelled their next planned attempt to recapture Henderson Field.

What was the nickname for Guadalcanal?

The official name for the Guadalcanal landing was “Operation Watchtower,” but the Marines, with their sardonic sense of humor, had a better name: “Operation Shoestring.”

Where was Guadalcanal filmed?

Camp Pendleton
Production notes. Guadalcanal Diary was shot from May 14 to late July, 1943, mostly on location at Camp Pendleton, near Oceanside, California.

Are there poisonous snakes on Guadalcanal?

Venomous snakes are rare on the island and are not considered to be a serious threat; however, there is a kind of centipede that has a particularly nasty bite. These centipedes were well known to the American Marines during the Second World War as “the stinging insects”.

How many ships were sunk at Guadalcanal?

Two U.S. light cruisers, four destroyers, and 35 aircraft were lost; three destroyers were damaged. The Japanese lost two battleships, one heavy cruiser, three destroyers, eleven transports, and 64 aircraft.

Are there crocodiles in Guadalcanal?

In recent times, these crocodiles have been found only on the Weather Coast in the south of the island, but during the Second World War, they were found along the north coast in the vicinity of the airstrip where the fighting was taking place, as evidenced by names such as Alligator Creek.

How many died on Guadalcanal?

Both sides suffered heavy losses of men, warships and planes in the battle for Guadalcanal. An estimated 1,600 U.S. troops were killed, over 4,000 were wounded and several thousand more died from disease. The Japanese lost 24,000 soldiers.

Did Britain sink any Japanese ships?

Naval aircraft attacked the port of Osaka, airfields, and, notably, sank Japanese escort carrier Shimane Maru and disabled the Kaiyō. Two escort ships and several smaller vessels were also sunk. The last naval air action in World War II was on VJ-Day when British carrier aircraft shot down Japanese Zero fighters.