When was the movie from time to time made?

When was the movie from time to time made?

October 15, 2009
From Time to Time/Initial release

Where did they film from time to time?

Athelhampton Hall
The film was shot in Athelhampton Hall, Dorset.

What is the film from time to time about?

A haunting ghost story spanning two worlds, two centuries apart. While staying at his grandmother’s house during the last days of the Second World War, 13-year-old Tolly is magically transported back in time, appearing as a ghost to his ancestors and helping to solve an age-old mystery.
From Time to Time/Film synopsis

Who plays Jacob in from time to time?

The Captain brings Susan an escaped slave to be her playmate: Jacob (Kwayedza Kureya, Max in Boxed In).

What pier was used in time?

But where exactly is the pier on Time, and how can you visit it? Time was filmed in and around Liverpool, and the stunning pier seen in episode three can be found in the seaside town of Southport. The pier, which is situated on the Sefton coast, is the UK’s oldest iron pier – and its second longest.

Where is about time filmed London?

The film was almost entirely shot in London and Cornwall. The restaurant scene took place at 1 Newburgh Street in London. Paddington Station, London, UK….About Time Locations Table.

Location Name Latitude Longitude
59 Brondesbury Rd (Harry’s House) 51.536709 -0.199276
Abbey Road 51.534691 -0.180429

Is from time to time scary?

It’s more suspenseful than scary, except for a lengthy sequence in which a fire threatens the people assembled in the Oldknowe house. A young black child is mistreated by some members of the white household, but championed by others.

Who wrote the movie from time to time?

Julian Fellowes
Lucy M. Boston
From Time to Time/Screenplay

Where is the Pier Cafe in Time?

Southend Pier
The café, found at the end of Southend Pier, is the set of his hit Channel 4 cooking show ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’.

Where is about time house?

The Lake family inhabits a Grade II listed building (and a private home) on the coast of Cornwall, in the far southwest of England. It’s Porthpean House, Porthpean Beach Road, St Austell.

Where is the film about time filmed in Cornwall?

Porthpean House
With uninterrupted views over the sheltered south coast of Cornwall. In the Petherick family for five generations, Porthpean House has a relaxed old fashioned charm, acres of tranquil gardens just above the beach. The location for the Richard Curtis Film ‘About Time’.

Where can i stream time to time?

Watch From Time To Time | Prime Video.