Where is SACMI located?

Where is SACMI located?

SACMI (Società Anonima Cooperativa Meccanici Imola) is an international manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic tile, beverage, packaging, quality control process, chocolate processing machines and plastics industries. SACMI is a group based in Imola, Italy.

Who owns sacmi?

The parent company, SACMI Imola, controls over eighty manufacturing and service companies in thirty countries worldwide. “The SACMI story is an extraordinary tale.

What is sacmi machine?

Compression molding is a high-pressure molding process: the polymer is melted, mixed and homogenized inside a plasticizing unit. The pressure applied to each mold can be as high as 400 kg/cm2. …

What products are made by compression Moulding?

Compression molding products

  • Car tyres / rubber tyres.
  • Rubber gaskets or seals.
  • Handles.
  • Electrical components.
  • Automotive parts.
  • Other various polymer matrix composite parts.

What is continuous compression molding?

Benefits of composite interior brackets made with continuous compression molding. This process consists of continuously moving composite materials through a heated metal mold. The mold is mounted in a large hydraulic press that applies pressure to rapidly cure the composite component into its final shape.

What are the disadvantages of compression Moulding?

Generally, Compression moulded parts require more labour effort to trim and finish them, which can also increase the cost. The repetitive nature of this process means that the moulds themselves can become victims of general wear and tear due to manually loaded blanks of material.

Can ceramics be compression molded?

On the one hand, it is used for producing ceramics, and on the other, it can be used to mold thermoset plastics (it was the original method for forming Bakelite), as well as fiber-based plastic composites. …

What is compression Moulding machine?

Process definition Compression molding is a forming process in which a plastic material is placed directly into a heated metal mold then is softened by the heat and therefore forced to conform to the shape of the mold, as the mold closes. Typically, compression molding machines open along a vertical axis.

Why are Sacmi machines used in tile production?

Technological innovation and automation make the machines and Sacmi tile production systems extremely competitive in terms of efficiency, costs, production quality, energy savings and easy switching from one production batch to another in shorter times.

How is Sacmi whiteware used in the industry?

Sacmi solutions are able to integrate all the processes necessary for turning an idea, a sketch, a design into a finished product that can be produced cost-effectively on an industrial scale. SACMI WhiteWare supplies turnkey systems for the production of ceramic tableware.

What makes Sacmi a good company to work for?

High productivity, quality, design and technological innovation are the peculiarities that SACMI offers its customers, supporting them in every phase of the supply, from design consultancy to after-sales service.

How many people work at Sacmi in Italy?

In 2020, SACMI achieved volumes of € 1.101 billion. In the same year, which was heavily marked by the international health crisis, SACMI maintained employment levels in Italy and worldwide (almost 4,600 employees).