Which of the following were some of the concerns of the 1980s and 1990s?

Which of the following were some of the concerns of the 1980s and 1990s?

Answer: Terrorism, scandals in high places, trade deficits. Explanation: These three elements were significant concerns during the 1980s and 1990s.

Is carried on without governmental control?

Answer: Free trade is carried on without governmental control.

Which one of the following best defines Star Wars?

Answer Expert Verified Reagan’s proposed space-based missile defense system is the statement that best defines Star Wars. This was a strategic defense initiative that he proposed to protect the US from nuclear attack.

What major events happened in the 80’s?

During the 1980s, conservative politics and Reaganomics held sway as the Berlin Wall crumbled, new computer technologies emerged and blockbuster movies and MTV reshaped pop culture.

  • AIDS Crisis Timeline.
  • Chernobyl.
  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.
  • History of AIDS.
  • Challenger Explosion.
  • Iran-Contra Affair.
  • The Central Park Five.

    What was great about the 80’s?

    The 1980s were a time of great pop culture including some of the best movies, music, TV shows, and toys of all time. It is the decade most often associated with nostalgia and the style, and memories of the decade, continue to live on.

    What was Reagan’s SDI?

    Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), byname Star Wars, proposed U.S. strategic defensive system against potential nuclear attacks—as originally conceived, from the Soviet Union. The SDI was first proposed by President Ronald Reagan in a nationwide television address on March 23, 1983.

    What happened to SDI?

    SDI officially ended in 1993, when the Clinton Administration redirected the efforts towards theatre ballistic missiles and renamed the agency the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO).

    Why was the SDI never fully implemented?

    It would require 10 years of research to determine if this technology was possible. Why was the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) never fully implemented? Trustworthy software could not be developed. The SDI-equipped satellites would be too easy to destroy.

    When did the SDI start?

    On March 23, 1983 in a televised address to the nation, U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced his intention to embark upon groundbreaking research into a national defense system that could make nuclear weapons obsolete.