Who are the actors in the Stranger Within?

Who are the actors in the Stranger Within?

The film was directed by Lee Philips and stars Barbara Eden and George Grizzard.

Where did the cast of Stranger Things come from?

It might seem like the entire cast of Stranger Things came out of absolutely nowhere, but each now-iconic actor had actually been in other projects before their star-making turns on the Netflix show. We’ve gathered some of the most surprising.

Who is the actress who plays the stranger on Netflix?

The character is played by Irish actress Dervla Kirwan, who recently appeared in Amazon Prime Video’s White Dragon and Cinemax’s Strike Back. Playing The Stranger, who in the Netflix series has been gender-swapped into a mysterious woman who seems to know everyone’s secrets and wants money to keep them hidden, is a genuine Marvel star.

Who are the main characters in Stranger Things?

Lucas Sinclair is a character name played by Caleb McLaughlin (age 17) in the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things. As one of the principal characters in the show, he is best friends to Mike, Dustin, and Will. In the show, Lucas is wary of the powers Eleven possesses.

How old is Mark from the Stranger Within?

A troubled young man mysteriously appears in a rural Minnesota town from which he claims he was abducted 16 years ago. Mare’s life is dominated by the kidnapping of her three year old little boy. After 12 years, she is pleasantly surprised to find Mark standing before her on the doorstep pretending to be her son.

Who are the characters in Netflix the stranger?

Here’s our complete guide to the cast and characters. Netflix’s The Stranger season 1 cast includes familiar faces like Richard Armitage, Hannah John-Kamen, and Jennifer Saunders. Based on Harlan Coben’s 2015 eponymous novel, the British thriller series revolves around various characters who are blackmailed by a mysterious woman.

When did the Stranger Within come out on DVD?

The Stranger Within was released on Region 1 DVD on October 6, 2009 from the online Warner Archive Collection . ^ “AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A SCIENTIST! – The Stranger Within (1974)”. www.aycyas.com.