Who are the actors in the whole truth?

Who are the actors in the whole truth?

The Whole Truth is a 1958 British thriller film directed by John Guillermin and starring Stewart Granger, George Sanders, Donna Reed, Gianna Maria Canale and Peter Dyneley. It was based on the 1955 play of the same title by Philip Mackie .

Who was the female lead in the whole truth?

Stewart Granger had just finished his contract with MGM and signed a two-picture deal with Romulus, of which The Whole Truth was to be the first; the second was to be The Night Comers from a novel by Eric Ambler and co-starring Jean Simmons. (This movie was never made.) Jeanne Crain was originally announced as the female lead.

Who was Gina Bertini’s lover in the whole truth?

On the French Riviera, movie producer Max Poulton (Stewart Granger) is on location shooting a film starring his lover, Gina Bertini (Gianna Maria Canale). But when the rueful Max ends his fling with Gina to return to his loyal wife, Carol (Donna Reed), the jilted actress threatens to reveal details of their affair to Carol.

Where was the movie The whole truth filmed?

It was based on the 1955 play of the same title by Philip Mackie . It was made at Walton Studios with some brief location shooting in France. The film’s sets were designed by the art director Anthony Masters .

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Keanu Reeves Ramsey Renée Zellweger Loretta Gugu Mbatha-Raw Janelle Gabriel Basso Mike Jim Belushi Boone

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Actress Elisabeth Rohm (in a departure from dramatic roles like LAW AND ORDER) portrays a self-deluded acting coach with touches of Carole Lombard, Lucille Ball, and the young Diane Keaton. In a surprising turn Eric Roberts plays a foreign mobster who is both scary and hilarious.

Who is Keanu Reeves character in the whole truth?

Attorney Richard Ramsey (Keanu Reeves) is defending a younger client. The charge is patricide by the teenaged son, Mike Lassiter (Gabriel Basso) who is a child prodigy soon to be off to college. A brutal stabbing occurs in this affluent family of his father, Boone (Jim Belushi).

Which is the best scene in the whole truth?

When Mbatha-Raw feels an ethical impulse to betray her oath as a slimey defense attorney, Keanu digs in: “This is really about your obsessive sex life, isn’t it?” By far the best scene is Mbatha-Raw’s cross-examination of the flight attendant.

Who are the producers of the whole truth?

Produced by Robert Ogden Barnum co-executive producer Anthony Bregman producer Peter Cron co-producer Elon Dershowitz producer Mark Fasano co-producer