Who are the threat actors in cyber security?

Who are the threat actors in cyber security?

Cyber threat actors are states, groups, or individuals who, with malicious intent, aim to take advantage of vulnerabilities, low cyber security awareness, or technological developments to gain unauthorized access to information systems in order to access or otherwise affect victims’ data, devices, systems, and networks.

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Who are the non-state actors in cyberspace?

This paper studies the various non-state actors who coexist in cyberspace, examines their motives and incitements, and analyzes how and when their objectives coincide with those of nation-states.

What are the special characteristics of cyberspace?

The special characteristics of cyberspace, such as its state actors in cyber conflict. objectives coincide with those of nation-states. Literature suggests that many criminal organizations and irregular f orces. Employment of such non-state actor s operations has also proved to be a usable model for conducting cyberattacks.

What kind of World is cyberspace according to Gibson?

According to Gibson, cyberspace is the name of a real non- space world, which is characterised by the ability for virtual presence of, and interaction between, people through ‘icons, waypoints and artificial realities’. The Gibsonian cyberspace is an