Who became emperor after Commodus died?

Who became emperor after Commodus died?

Publius Helvius Pertinax
Publius Helvius Pertinax (/ˈpɜːrtɪnæks/; 1 August 126 – 28 March 193) was Roman emperor for the first three months of 193. He succeeded Commodus to become the first emperor during the tumultuous Year of the Five Emperors. Born the son of a freed slave, Pertinax became an officer in the army.

Who happened to Rome after the death of Commodus?

With him died the Antonine dynasty. After his death, Publius Helvius Pertinax, the city prefect, became emperor but the transition was not smooth, and the Empire quickly slipped into a civil war which persisted until Septimius Severus succeeded in eliminating his rivals and attaining the throne.

Is Lucius Verus Maximus son?

Spencer Treat Clark as Lucius Verus: The young son of Lucilla. He is named after his father Lucius Verus, who was co-emperor until AD 169. He is also the grandson of Marcus Aurelius. Giorgio Cantarini as Maximus’s son, who is the same age as Lucilla’s son Lucius.

Did Commodus kill Marcus Aurelius?

Reality was very different than the film in this instance. Commodus was, as depicted in Gladiator, present with his father during the Danubian wars, and yes, this is where Marcus Aurelius died.

Who comes after Commodus?

Commodus was succeeded by Pertinax, whose reign was short-lived; he would become the first claimant to be usurped during the Year of the Five Emperors.

Did Commodus actually fight?

Commodus fought against professional gladiators as well as wild beasts. As Herodian wrote, “In his gladiatorial combats, he defeated his opponents with ease, and he did no more than wound them, since they all submitted to him, but only because they knew he was the emperor, not because he was truly a gladiator.”

Why did Narcissus kill Commodus?

He is best known to history as the assassin of the Roman Emperor Commodus, by whom he was employed as a wrestling partner and personal trainer in order to train Commodus for his self-indulgent appearances in the Colosseum as a gladiator.

What happened Lucius Vorenus?

Vorenus is badly wounded while fighting Octavian’s soldiers with Pullo at a military checkpoint. Pullo brings him home to his children, who tearfully reconcile with him on his death bed.

Who was the most brutal Roman emperor?

1) Caligula had sex with his sisters and gave his horse a marble house. Caligula: not as bad as you think. But pretty bad. How he got power: Caligula is Rome’s most famously perverse emperor, in part due to popular portrayals that were fantastically salacious.