Who created Dark Star?

Who created Dark Star?

John Carpenter
Dark Star (film)

Dark Star
Written by John Carpenter Dan O’Bannon
Produced by John Carpenter
Starring Dan O’Bannon Brian Narelle Cal Kuniholm Dre Pahich
Cinematography Douglas Knapp

How long has Dark Star Orchestra been around?


Dark Star Orchestra
Years active 1997–present
Associated acts Furthur, Zen Tricksters, JGB, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Dead
Website http://www.darkstarorchestra.net
Members Lisa Mackey Skip Vangelas Rob Koritz Dino English Rob Eaton Rob Barraco Jeff Mattson

Can a star be dark?

As it turns out, any star greater than 3 solar masses must eventually form such a “dark star” after thermonuclear reactions have ceased, since no known source of pressure can support it. These objects are called “black holes” and this term was first coined by the physicist John Wheeler.

How many Grateful Dead cover bands are there?

Compass Rose welcomes you to the Grateful Dead Tribute Band site, with schedules, links, and contact information for over 300 Grateful Dead Tribute bands, world wide.

How many shows did the Grateful Dead play?

Of the approximately 2,350 shows the Grateful Dead played, almost 2,200 were taped, and most of these are available online.

What bands toured with Grateful Dead?

Post-Grateful Dead Bands

  • Bob Weir & Wolf Bros.
  • Scaring the Children/RD3.
  • Phil & Bobby.
  • Bob Weir & The Campfire Band.
  • Fare Thee Well.
  • Dead & Company.
  • Billy & the Kids.
  • Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band.

    What bands played with the Grateful Dead?

    Members of the Grateful Dead had played together in various San Francisco bands, including Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions and the Warlocks. Lesh was the last member to join the Warlocks before they became the Grateful Dead; he replaced Dana Morgan Jr., who had played bass for a few gigs.

    Did Sid Hartman die from COVID-19?

    He died Sunday at age 100. Chad Hartman added that his father didn’t die from COVID-19, according to the Star Tribune, “but COVID took away the enjoyment from his life by making him stay home. It took away the chance to see the people he liked.