Who does the drum solo in In the Air Tonight?

Who does the drum solo in In the Air Tonight?

Musician Phil Collins
Viewers were genuinely delighted by their first-timer reactions to the song’s legendary, unexpected drum solo, which comes well into the moody cut. Musician Phil Collins in 2016. When Collins’ drum solo hits, about five minutes into the twins video, Tim and Fred look blown away.

What drum machine was In the Air Tonight?

The CR-78 has been used in songs including “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” by Daryl Hall & John Oates, “Mad World” by Tears For Fears, and in live performances by Radiohead.

What movies has In the Air Tonight been in?

Phil Collins

# Movie Year
1 The Hangover 2009
2 Miami Vice 2006
3 Miami Vice 1984
4 Paid in Full 2002

What movies has in the air tonight been in?

What are 808 beats?

The title refers to the Roland TR-808, a drum machine whose indelible thump has bullied its way into nearly every chapter of hip-hop history. The 808 was easy to use, but the percussive sounds that came spurting out of the machine felt artificial and bizarre. The snare drum was a harsh slap.

What are fills in drumming?

A drum fill is a short, improvisational transition between parts a song, like a brief drum solo that fills a gap between musical phrases. Drum fills are an essential part of drumming, and they’re easy to master with practice.

Who remade In the Air Tonight?

More videos on YouTube Two days after Phil Collins performed “In the Air Tonight” at Madison Square Garden, indie singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus unveiled her own cover of the 1981 classic. The song will be featured on 2019, Dacus’ upcoming holiday-themed EP out November 8 via Matador Records.

What album was In the Air Tonight on?

Face Value
In the Air Tonight/Album

Who sampled In the Air Tonight?

“One Mic” comes off of Nas’ 2001 record, Stillmatic, and samples a portion of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” The single became Nas’ third top 50 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The rapper himself acknowledged his use of the classic sample from Collins.

How many times has in the air tonight been sampled?

According to whosampled, “In the Air Tonight” has been nearly 80 times over the years.

What was the drum fill on in the Air Tonight?

But it’s safe to say that no other drum fill has ever wormed its way as deeply into the popular consciousness as Phil Collins ’ descending 10-note tom-tom break on “In the Air Tonight.”

How long is the best drum solo of all time?

This drum solo is a 9 minute musical journey that has everything you want to see in a killer drum solo. Peart incorporates electronic drums and wild trailblazing drum fills with a highly energetic exhibition of drumming ability that drives the crowd wild!

Who was the drummer on Phil Collins in the Air Tonight?

If anyone has ever seemed to derive more joy out of the Fill than Tyson, it just might be Questlove. The Roots member became the envy of every drummer on the planet when he got to perform “In the Air Tonight” with Collins himself on a 2016 episode of The Tonight Show.

What’s the purpose of a drum solo in a concert?

The drum solo is that one showstopping moment during a concert that allows the drummer to shake the restrictive chains of timekeeper and showcase their flamboyant and bombastic skills.