Who has sung rise up?

Who has sung rise up?

Andra Day
Rise Up/Artists

Who sings rise up on 911?

Andra Day – Rise Up [Acoustic Live Video] – YouTube.

Who sang up all night?

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Who sings Rise Up on the Vodafone advert?

Andra Day
Born December 30, 1984 Edmonds, Washington, U.S.
Origin San Diego, California, U.S.
Genres R&B soul pop blues
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter actor

Is Andra day black?

What nationality is Andra Day? She holds an American nationality, and her ethnicity is African-American. Cassandra Monique Batie was born on December 30, 1984, in Edmonds, Washington.

What kind of song is Rise Up?

Rise Up (Yves Larock song)

“Rise Up”
Genre House
Length 7:35 (Original Mix) 2:51 (Radio Edit)
Label Universal
Songwriter(s) Yves Cheminade Jaba Gawan Seiler Pascal Brunkow

Is Khalid married?

Khalid does not have a girlfriend. The singer is currently single. Khalid has only spoken about his ex-girlfriend once. The singer had revealed he was in a relationship for four years before it came to an end.

Is Reginald Lord divine a real person?

Reginald Lord Devine, the radio journalist portrayed by Leslie Jordan, is fictional. In the movie, Billie Holiday (Andra Day) is interviewed by Devine, which triggers a flashback to a 1947 performance at New York City’s Café Society, where Holiday had debuted “Strange Fruit” eight years earlier.

What message does Andra day the singer of the song aim to express?

Answer: She wrote the song as a reminder to herself to persevere, “to stand up because if you can stand up then you can take the next step, if you can take the next step, you can take the one after that,” she said on the red carpet at the BET Black Girls Rock!