Who is Powderfinger lead singer?

Who is Powderfinger lead singer?

singer Bernard Fanning
Powderfinger lead singer Bernard Fanning.

How old is the lead singer of Powderfinger?

Quick Facts

Intro Rock musician
Birth 15 August 1969, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age 51 years
Star sign Leo

Is Powderfinger a very good band?

Powderfinger went on to be one of the most successful Australian bands of all time. Fame so big that it presented its challenges at the time, Fanning acknowledges. Speaking with Kram about dealing with success, Fanning notes there was a kind of hypocrisy in the way he and his peers dealt with fame.

Who wrote Powderfinger songs?

Neil Young
“Powderfinger” is a song written by Neil Young, first released on his 1979 album Rust Never Sleeps. It subsequently appeared on several of Young’s live recordings. A 2014 Rolling Stone special issue on Young ranked it as Young’s best song ever.

What guitars do Powderfinger use?


  • Fender.
  • Gretsch.

    What is the story behind Powderfinger?

    “Powderfinger” is an inscrutable rock & roll koan: a song sung by a dead man, but full of life and longing. The narrator, just turned 22, was leaving boyhood behind by defending his family’s land against a gunboat coming up the river. The day he became an adult, however, was also the day he died.

    What guitar does Bernard Fanning use?

    When Fanning decided to record his first solo record, Tea & Sympathy, he bought a couple of Collings acoustic guitars as an incentive to improve. Based on pre-war Martin designs, they have “the same bracing and same timbers,” explained Fanning.

    Why did Powderfinger split up?

    Powderfinger were also involved in various philanthropic causes. In April 2010 Powderfinger announced that they would be breaking up after their Sunsets Farewell Tour, declaring it would be their last, as they had musically said everything they wanted to say.

    When did Powderfinger get back together?

    All five members of Powderfinger will again come together, from their respective homes, for a special live streamed concert performance on Saturday, May 23.

    Who started Powderfinger?

    History. Powderfinger started in Brisbane, Australia, in 1989. Ian Haug, John Collins, and Steven Bishop (drums), had been playing music with other bands, when they decided to form Powderfinger. The band’s name came from the song “Powderfinger” by Neil Young.

    Will Powderfinger get back together?

    Powderfinger gets the band back together after ten years in support of Beyond Blue and Support Act. Australian band Powderfinger will perform for the first time in 10 years to bring some happiness to fans and support people in the music industry and those experiencing mental health issues.