Who made Glory Road?

Who made Glory Road?

Glory Road (film)

Glory road
Directed by James Gartner
Screenplay by Chris Cleveland Bettina Gilois Gregory Allen Howard
Based on Glory Road by Don Haskins and Daniel Wetzel
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer

Where did coach Haskins and his family move to?

El Paso
Haskins was born in Enid, Oklahoma and played basketball for Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) under Henry Iba. He had his first coaching job at Benjamin High School, then Hedley, and Dumas. He moved his family of six to El Paso in 1961 and became Texas Western’s (now UTEP) coach.

What year did Glory Road come out?

January 13, 2006 (USA)
Glory Road/Release date

What school was Glory Road in?

Texas Western Basketball
The number one movie in the nation last weekend was Glory Road. It’s a feel-good basketball flick based on the 1966, Texas Western Basketball team, the first team in history to field an all-black starting line-up in the NCAA title game. The players faced an all-white team from the University of Kentucky.

What happens in Glory Road?

“Glory Road” tells its story not through personalities but in terms of the issues involved. It uses the basketball season as a backdrop to the story of how Haskins (Josh Lucas) inherited a weak, losing team at Texas Western and set out to recruit gifted black players from the schools and playgrounds of the North.

What platforms is the movie Glory on?

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    What rating is Glory?

    Glory/MPAA rating
    Though rated R, Glory only has a few scenes with potentially objectionable material— mostly brief instances of language and a couple of bloody battle scenes. There are no scenes that involve nudity or sexual situations, and none of the violence is sadistic or sensationalized.