Who originally sang Seven Nation Army?

Who originally sang Seven Nation Army?

The White Stripes
Seven Nation Army

“Seven Nation Army”
Songwriter(s) Jack White
Producer(s) Jack White
The White Stripes singles chronology
“Candy Cane Children” (2002) “Seven Nation Army” (2003) “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” (2003)

What is the meaning of the song Seven Nation Army?

White, and drummer/ex-wife Meg White, recorded the song for their 2003 album Elephant, with the “Seven Nation Army” title inspired by White’s misunderstanding of the name of the Salvation Army as a child. ‘He feels so bad he has to leave town, but you get so lonely you come back,’ said White. ‘The song’s about gossip.

Is Seven Nation Army Jazz?

Postmodern Jukebox, the YouTube sensation created by pianist and composer Scott Bradlee, has delivered yet another viral musical hit: a sultry jazz cover of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” If this song isn’t enough, here are some other covers Reinhart performed with Postmodern Jukebox.

What songs did the White Stripes cover?

Songs covered by The White Stripes

Song Play Count
I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself (Burt Bacharach cover) 204
Jack the Ripper (Screaming Lord Sutch cover) 137
Lord, Send Me an Angel (Blind Willie McTell cover) 118
Love Sick (Bob Dylan cover) 99

What does a white stripe mean?

purity and innocence
The colors have a different meaning- . White: Signifies purity and innocence. . Red: Signifies valor and bravery.

What is the correct title for the hit song by the White Stripes?

The single “Seven Nation Army”, which used a guitar and an octave pedal to create the iconic opening riff, became one of their most recognizable songs. The band recorded two more albums, Get Behind Me Satan in 2005 and Icky Thump in 2007, and dissolved in 2011 after a lengthy hiatus from performing and recording.

What is the name of the song by the US rock duo the White Stripes released in 2003?

Elephant is the fourth album by the American alternative rock duo The White Stripes….April 1: The White Stripes released “Elephant” in 2003.

Released April 1, 2003
Genre Alternative rock, garage rock, blues rock & punk blues
Length 49:56
Label V2, XL
Producer Jack White

What is a black American flag with a blue stripe?

In July 2019, the “Thin Blue Line” American Flag was put up by residents of York, Maine, as a way to pay tribute to a local police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty decades earlier.

Who’s the singer of White Stripes?

Meg White
Jack White
The White Stripes/Singers

Who covers Seven Nation Army?


Title Performer Info
Seven Nation Army Marcus Collins [GB] Editor’s cover song pick
Seven Nation Army Zella Day
Seven Nation Army Melanie Martinez
Seven Nation Army Branches

What is the meaning behind Seven Nation Army?

What does the White Stripes mean?

Where did the song Seven Nation Army come from?

John Mulvey of NME described “Seven Nation Army” as a “diatribe against fame”. The song’s lyrics were inspired by the growing attention received by the White Stripes.

When did Seven Nation Army come out white stripes?

“Seven Nation Army” is a song by American rock duo the White Stripes. It is the opening track on their fourth studio album, Elephant (2003). V2 Records released the song to American alternative radio on March 7, 2003, as the lead single from the album. Worldwide, the single was issued through XL Recordings.

Who is the drummer for Seven Nation Army?

The 7-note riff of “Seven Nation Army” has been noted to be similar to a passage in the first movement of Bruckner’s 5th symphony. The song also features distorted vocals and a “heartbeat drum”, played by White Stripes drummer Meg White.

When did Seven Nation Army win a Grammy?

“Seven Nation Army” received widespread critical acclaim. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards in addition to being nominated for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, and in 2003, it was ranked number three on Pazz & Jop based on music critics’ votes.