Who played Beatrice Bear Behaving Badly?

Who played Beatrice Bear Behaving Badly?

Allyson Brown

Character Actor Series
Neville the Bear Nev, Nevvie Ross Mullan 1-4
Crazy Keith Simon Buckley 1-4
Beatrice Allyson Brown 1-4
Mr Andrew “Andy” Prank Glen Davies 1-4

What happened to Nev The Bear?

Nev The Bear is a small, blue puppet bear that originally appeared in the CBBC television programme Smile. He was last seen on Hacker Time when Derek puts Nev on Line 1 for Barney Harwood. Nev has patches in places on his body and is missing part of his ear.

Is OOglies still on TV?

OOglies is a stop-motion animated children’s television series produced by BBC Scotland for CBBC. The show returned in 2015 as OOglies Funsize.

What channel is Ooglies?


What are googly eyes?

English Language Learners Definition of googly-eyed : having eyes that stick out : having eyes that are very open or staring because of amazement, admiration, etc.

Who are the characters in Bear Behaving Badly?

He often seems oblivious to the chaos Nev and Keith cause and although he thinks Mr Prank is odd he has never realized that Nev, Keith, Melanie and Mr Prank are enemies. His aunts are Barbara and Alice, his uncles are Rupert and Bert, and his cousin is Melanie. He is the only character in the series whose actor plays themselves alongside Nev.

Is there going to be a fourth series of Bear Behaving Badly?

In July 2010, a fourth series of thirteen episodes was filmed. These episodes began airing from 6 October 2010. The series concluded on 21 December 2010, and thus far, no further episodes have been filmed or broadcast, with the exception of repeats.

Who is the voice of Nev in Bear Behaving Badly?

The events of the programme take place at some point after Smile. The programme features the voices of Ross Mullan as Nev and Simon Buckley as Keith, with legendary actress Bella Emberg playing the role of Barney’s Aunt Barbara.

Where does bear live in Bear Behaving Badly?

Synopsis. The action of Bear Behaving Badly is centered on an apartment block owned by Barney’s wealthy uncle Rupert Silverspoon. There are three flats on the ground floor. Barney and Nev live in Flat 1, Beatrice lives in Flat 2, and the caretaker, Mr Prank, lives in Flat 3. There are at least 5 more flats upstairs,…