Who plays baritone saxophone?

Who plays baritone saxophone?

The baritone saxophone is also the instrument played by Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons (recorded by sax session player Terry Harrington) although on the cartoon programme it actually looks more like a tenor saxophone, and whether an eight-year-old child would be able to play an instrument the size of a baritone is …

Is baritone saxophone Good for jazz?

The baritone saxophone is not often considered a solo instrument in Jazz, but for those willing to do some digging there is a whole world of great soloists on this large horn. I have compiled a list of 5 albums that will provide a great starting point for anyone looking to get into jazz baritone saxophone.

Who is the most famous tenor saxophone player?

John Coltrane is not only perhaps the most influential tenor saxophonist of all time, he is also one of the most influential musicians of all time. Here he is playing live with Miles Davis on the tune So What from Kind of Blue which is perhaps the most important jazz recording ever.

Does a baritone have a reed?

The baritone saxophone uses a single reed mouthpiece like that of a clarinet.

Who is the best baritone saxophone player?

The 10 Greatest Baritone Saxophonists of All Time

  • #1 of 100 — Bob Gordon (1928 – 1955)
  • #2 of 100 — Cecil Payne (1922 – 2007)
  • #3 of 100 — Charles Davis (1933 – 2016)
  • #4 of 100 — Gary Smulyan (1956 -)
  • #5 of 100 — Gerry Mulligan (1927 – 1996)
  • #6 of 100 — Hamiet Bluiett (1940 – 2018)
  • #7 of 100 — Harry Carney (1910 – 1974)

    Is baritone a jazz band?

    In jazz music A number of jazz performers have used the baritone saxophone as their primary instrument. It is part of standard big band instrumentation (the larger bass saxophone was also occasionally used up until the 1940s).

    Where did the baritone saxophone come from?

    History. The baritone saxophone was created in 1846 by the Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax as one of a family of 14 instruments. Sax believed these instruments would provide a useful tonal link between the woodwinds and brasses.

    Are Yamaha saxophones good?

    When talking about saxophones, the name Yamaha is synonymous with quality, well-designed saxophones that befit both beginners and professionals. The best Yamaha saxophones are considered to be the best around the world. They are dependable, versatile and highly recommended by expert saxophonists.

    Who is Candy Dulfer’s husband?

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    How tall is a baritone sax?

    6 feet 4 inches
    It is extremely large (twice the length of tubing of the baritone saxophone, with a bore twice as wide, standing 1.9 meters tall, or 6 feet 4 inches) and heavy (approximately 20 kilograms, or 45 pounds), and is pitched in the key of E♭, one octave below the baritone saxophone.

    What is the range of the baritone saxophone?

    C2 to A4
    It is a transposing instrument in the key of E♭, pitched an octave plus a major sixth lower than written. It is one octave lower than the alto saxophone. Modern baritones with a low A key and high F♯ key have a range from C2 to A4. As with all saxophones, its music is written in treble clef.