Who recorded standing on the corner?

Who recorded standing on the corner?

Dean Martin
Standing On The Corner/Artists

Who sang this song standing on the corner popular in 1957 )?

STANDING ON THE CORNER by The Four Lads 1956 – YouTube.

Who sang standing on the corner in 1930?

Jimmie Rodgers
“Blue Yodel #9” (also called “Standing on the Corner” from the opening line) is a blues/country song by Jimmie Rodgers and is the ninth of his “Blue Yodels”. Rodgers recorded the song on July 16, 1930 in Los Angeles with an unbilled Louis Armstrong on trumpet and his wife Lil Hardin Armstrong on piano.

Are the 4 lads still alive?

The founding members were Corrado “Connie” Codarini, bass (died April 28, 2010); John Bernard “Bernie” Toorish (born March 2, 1931), tenor; James F….

The Four Lads
Years active 1950–present
Labels Okeh, Columbia
Website thefourlads.com
Members Don Farrar Aaron Bruce Alan Sokoloff

What does standing in the corner mean?

If you’re standing on the corner, you could be having the time of your life; if you’re standing in the corner, you’re probably not having much fun at all. The corner of a room is a site of inwardness and anxiety, a repository for social insecurities. It’s also just not very exciting to look at.

Where did standing in the corner come from?

History. The idea of having a child stand in the corner was most famously used as a strategy in Victorian England and at about the same time in America when punitive discipline was the primary tool for maintaining control of kids.

What form is blue yodel?

blues bar form
Rodgers composed “Blue Yodel” using his original lines, mixed with lines from other songs. The song features a traditional blues bar form, with his voice accompanied only by his guitar. It was named after the yodeling Rodgers featured during the breaks between stanzas….Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas)

“Blue Yodel”
Producer(s) Ralph Peer

When was standing on the corner written?

“Standing on the Corner” is a popular song written by Frank Loesser and published in 1956. It was introduced by Shorty Long, Alan Gilbert, John Henson, and Roy Lazarus in the Broadway musical, The Most Happy Fella. A recording of the song by the Four Lads (made March 1, 1956) was popular in 1956.

Why do people stand in corners?

Support and Comfort of leaning. When people usually get into a lift, the first thing they do is to press the floor they want to travel to. Also during the journey the lift may stop at certain points based on interrupts. People would get in and standing near the door would involve constant adjustment in postion.

Is putting a kid in the corner bad?

Science. Over the past 40 years, a great deal of scientific research has been conducted on the shaming of children and has confirmed that it is a bad idea. Although most people agree that making a child wear the dunce cap is a poor decision, the dunce corner has not been as easy to eliminate.

Why did Slauson Malone leave standing on the corner?

Soon after the release of Red Burns, Slauson Malone quietly left the group due to ideological differences and in order to work on solo material.

Is Blue Yodel 12 Bar Blues?

The songs were based on the 12-bar blues format and featured Rodgers’ trademark yodel refrains. The lyrics often had a risqué quality with “a macho, slightly dangerous undertone.” The original 78 issue of “Blue Yodel No.

Who was known as the Blue Yodeler?

It is also the home of Jimmie Rodgers, described by many as “The Father of Country Music.” Rodgers had two other nicknames during his career, “The Singing Brakeman,” which referred to his work on trains, and “America’s Blue Yodeler,” which described one of his distinctive contributions to country music.

Who started Rangers Football Club?

Moses McNeil
William McBeathPeter CampbellPeter McNeil
Rangers F.C./Founders
Rangers were formed by four founders – brothers Moses McNeil and Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath – who met at West End Park (now known as Kelvingrove Park) in March 1872. Rangers’ first match, in May that year, was a goalless friendly draw with Callander on Glasgow Green.