Who sang Happy holidays first?

Who sang Happy holidays first?

Bing Crosby
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When was happy holidays written?

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When did Bing Crosby record Happy holidays?

June 1, 1942
Bing Crosby recorded the song on June 1, 1942, for Decca Records with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, plus The Music Maids and Hal.

When did Merry Christmas Happy Holidays by nsync come out?

November 29, 1998
“Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” is a song by American boy band NSYNC. It was released on November 29, 1998 as the first and only single from their second studio album, Home for Christmas and was also featured on the end credits of the 1998 Disney Christmas movie I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Who recorded Happy Holidays?

Andy Williams
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Is it a happy holiday or Happy Holidays?

In general, “Happy Holidays” is accepted as the broadest and most inclusive greeting at this time of year. If you know someone celebrates Christmas you can go with “Merry Christmas,” but ’tis the season for interacting with strangers (selling to them, buying from them, bumping into them on your way out of Target).

Who recorded Happy holidays?

How do you send a happy holiday email?

A simple greeting like, ‘Season’s Greetings,’ or ‘Happy Holidays,” is appropriate, followed by, ‘I hope the season is treating you well. I wanted to thank you for your business this year and wish you and your team a Happy New Year. ‘ A sign-off of, ‘Regards’ or ‘Best wishes,’ is inclusive and business-friendly.

How do you say Happy holidays to my team?

Take a look at these holiday messages to colleagues.

  1. Happy holidays!
  2. Thank you for everything!
  3. I do not get along with everyone, but I love working with you.
  4. Thank you for working so hard this year.
  5. Working with you has been a great learning experience.
  6. Having coworkers like you makes every workday a holiday.

Have a happy holiday or Happy Holidays?

[Have a] Happy Holiday! This is different to the US idiomatic valediction “Happy Holidays!”, but has the same meaning; and it would be fully understood by the listener as being a farewell before a vacation begins. Happy Holidays is used only around Christmas in the USA.

How do you wish a customer?

Customer Appreciation Messages for Greeting Cards

  1. “We’re counting our blessings and that means customers like you.”
  2. “Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for your business.”
  3. “Without you, we wouldn’t be us.”

Why is it better to say Happy holidays?

It’s not an insult to Christmas. It’s an inclusive way of wishing someone well and showing that you respect and value whatever tradition they observe. Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg agrees: ″’Happy Holidays’ allows everybody to be included…

How do you write a greeting message to a customer?

Greeting messages allow you to make a strong first impression, even if you are being contacted outside of business hours….General WhatsApp Business greeting messages

  1. “Thank you for your message! We will get back to you within 24 hours.
  2. “Hiya! Welcome to [your business].
  3. “Hello! Good to see you.

How do you express gratitude to customers?

When you’re writing your note, be sure to:

  1. Greet your client by name.
  2. Express your gratitude and clearly state why you’re sending the note.
  3. Include details about why you enjoyed your experience with this customer (be specific and personalize it as much as possible)
  4. Repeat your thanks.